What to do on Halloween in Seoul

Are you planning to spend Halloween in an unusual way? Do you like to dress up in themed costumes and experience the thrill of being scared? Then in this article, you can find various ideas on how to spend the upcoming holiday. This is what to do on Halloween in Seoul!

Halloween in Seoul at Theme Parks

Perhaps many have visited Korean theme parks, but many different events are being prepared for Halloween! Of course, festivals and parades of people dressed in costumes will be held. In addition, new frightening attractions have been installed.

Lotte World

Visitors can go to the zombie subway. There is a stationary subway car staged with all the appropriate sounds and frightening images of a zombie apocalypse. The cost is 3,000 Won extra after admission. Or you can also go to an escape room. There is a zombie prison with 12 rooms, your goal is to leave the place while you can be attacked by zombies. The price is 5,000 Won.

In addition, the Zombie Island quest is open this month. Each visitor gets a limited amount of time. You will need a smartphone because you will scan QR codes and complete tasks. Otherwise, you cannot leave Zombie Island….


This year, a festival called “Blood City 6” began at Everland in September. It is equipt with various installations, a stage for performances, and many places to take pictures.

The most intriguing place is the maze of horrors, which suspended its work in 2020 due to the pandemic. The cost of entering the maze is 10,000 Won in addition to admission. You will have to walk in almost complete darkness.

 Escape rooms

In Lotte World and Everland, you can find escape rooms as well. However, they are quite expensive. When you factor in the price of admission, it is better to visit one of the many escape rooms throughout the city of Seoul.

You can find such places in some districts of Seoul (Hongdae, Gangnam), Busan, and Incheon. I want to briefly describe two places where not only Korean, but also English is available.


This company is represented in Hongdae (Seoul) and Busan. They have various locations around Korea. From 2 to 6 people may participate in one game, and everyone needs to pay 24,000 Won. There are several rooms, and you can choose one where you would like to spend time. As usual, the main mission is to escape within one hour. Every room has a success rate and level of difficulty. On the website, you can read detailed descriptions to choose one.

To read about the room options, Click Here!

Seoul Escape Room

Even though the name is Seoul Escape room, you can find it also in Incheon and Busan. The number of participants is the same as Breakout (2-6 people), but there is different pricing. The most expensive room is in Seoul which costs from 24,000 to 28,000 Won (the more people the higher price). However, the price is from 24,000 to 20,000 Won in Busan and from 22,000 to 18,000 Won in Incheon but in these both cities the more people the cheaper. Since a lot of people visit this escape room, the options regularily change. There will be new rooms, tasks, and stories, everytime you visit. So, even if you went there before, you can visit again. Click Here for more information.

Escape rooms are cheaper than amusement parks but you better book in advance because the desired date may not be free, and you will have to change your plans. Also, you cannot participate there alone and have to find someone else and go together.

Abandoned Amusement Park

One of the popular creepy spots you can visit on Halloween in Seoul is abandoned Yongma Land. The park was opened in 1980. However due to low profits, it could not operate any longer and it was closed in 2011. You need to pay only 10,000 Won for entrance. But, if you want to bring a camera and make a professional photoshoot then you need to pay an extra fee. These days many tourists began to visit the deteriorating park, as it became popular after appearing in dramas and movies.

For more information on Halloween at Yongma Land, Click Here!

The Movies

If you do not want to walk outside since it is getting colder, especially after sunset, then you can go to the cinema and watch horror movies and thrillers.

Several Korean thrillers, action, and horror movies are currently being shown in theatres such as Devil in the Lake and Orphan: First Kill. You can find both Korean and English sub options depending on the theatre.

Plus, Korea has some pretty amazing options when it comes to movie theatres. You can watch a thriller on the world’s largest cinema screen, in 4D, in a library, or while camping out on a bean-bag sofa. The options really are endless!


There were mentioned several options on how to spend the coming Halloween. I tried to explain not only what you can do there but also the drawbacks that every suggestion may have, so you can choose an appropriate plan for you. It is also fine if you do not want to do anything on this day because not every person thinks that Halloween is a special day that should be celebrated since it is not a common holiday for many cultures.