Ways to Utilize Kakao Map to the Fullest

As we know, the most generally used navigation map by both Koreans and foreigners in Korea is Naver Map and Kakao Map. Here I would like to share some tips to utilize Kakao Map to help you move freely in Korea. With Kakao Map, you could get to anywhere in Korea without getting lost and, at the same time, more time saving.


Kakao Map for Public Transport Users

If you use public transport to move in Korea on a daily basis, utilizing Kakao Map would save you a lot of time. Here are some basic steps if you know zero about Kakao Map.

1. Key in your destination and choose your desired route

The default sets your current location as the starting point. After you key in and choose the destination. The system will find you several routes to get you to the destination, either by bus, subway or both. Each route has their estimated time needed written above. Also, the bus or subway arrival time or time left before the bus or subway arrives are also shown. You could choose your preferred route!

2. Follow the route

The route shows you in detail about the way to walk to the subway or bus station, the bus number to be taken, the bus stops you will pass by and the bus stop you need to get down. In the case of subway, it even shows you the fast exit which is the specific carriage in a subway that is closest to the exit. Also, you could switch on the alarm in the application to remind you two stops before where you should get down! The screenshots are in Korean, but I’m sure it has an English version!

Kakao Map for Cyclers and ‘Walkers’ and Car Drivers

You could switch between cycler, walker and driver mode by clicking the four icons on the top at the route page. If you want to cycle around the city, Kakao Map shows you the route you could go with bikes, particularly the bike lane. Or, If you are to walk for a long distance, Kakao Map also could show you the walkway! If you are to drive, navigation is provided as well with voice guide.

Don’t forget to switch on your GPS to “always allow”!

Something You Might Not Know about Kakao Map

You could get the detailed information about the destination on Kakao Map. For example, the phone number, the operation hours, website, and photos. Also, you could see the reviews and blogs written by other people who have been to the destination. Of course, after you have been to the destination, you could rate and write a review as well!

Furthermore, when you don’t have an exact destination, let’s say when you want to go to a dental clinic, but not a specific one, just type “dental clinic” and it will show you list of dental clinics near you! Anything including cafe, laundry, post office, etc.

At the very bottom of the list of routes using public transport, there is one column showing you the approximate fare when taking taxi. Clicking that will link you to the Kakao Taxi apps where you can call a taxi if you need one.

You could also easily share a location to your friend using Kakao Talk linked.

My comments

Undeniably, learning how to use Kakao Map is important in living in Korea!

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea