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Water Sports & Yacht Tour in Geoje Island

An hour and a half drive from Busan is Geoje Island, Korea’s beautiful blue city and floating gem. Despite being close to the bustling port city of Busan, Geoje Island is tranquil and calm. It is undoubtedly an ideal spot for natural healing, but in this article, I will tell you about some thrilling experiences on offer here too.

Deokpo Beach

Deokpo Beach is a small beach on the Northern coast of Geoje Island. This small cove may be different from the rolling sands of Sokcho or Jeju, but there’s plenty of exciting things to do.


First up is the zipline. Having fun at the beach isn’t all water sports, in fact, I would recommend the zipline as the first thing you do when you arrive to Deokpo beach. Via zipline, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the beach and the sensation of flying! Furthermore, the view is best on a sunny day, where the ocean is translucent in the sunlight.

A 2-way zipline journey costs 18,000 won per person. However, if you want to go a third time, its only 10,000 won extra.

Water Sports

Also at Deokpo Beach are some of Geoje Island’s greatest water sports. You can choose one specific activity like rafting, paddleboarding etc. or go for a package deal that includes multiple activities at a discounted rate. Therefore, the more you play, the better price you’ll get!

We came here in the late evening and, as there were not many people around, the manager offered us some great discounts. He was super friendly too!

Deokpo Beach

Address: Deokpo-ri, Okpo-2-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeonsangnam-do
Directions: Take bus no. 32-1, 33, 34 or 2000 to Deokpo Beach stop. Walk for 5 minutes to reach the beach front. 

Sono Calm Marina: Yacht Tour

Of course, another healing island activity is taking a boat or — ideally — yacht tour. As I mentioned before, we were blessed with incredible weather during our visit and so the yacht tour was simply magical. Moreover, I recommend going at sunset as the view would be even more stunning.

The yacht tour lasts 50 minutes in total and there’s nothing better than chilling with friends and watching the backdrop float by with the sea. Additionally, the Geoje Island seagulls will join you on your journey, following the yacht. You can throw food to them if you like, but be mindful of what you feed them. They won’t eat out of your hand like the Han River gulls!

If you’re going with children, don’t miss the opportunity to snap some sailor and captain photos with the adorable costumes they have on board! Finally, I recommend booking the tour in advance as you can receive a discount.

As well as the standard yacht tour, there are fishing and sunset tours available too with varying durations and price. However, if booking online, the standard 50 minute tour costs 35,000 won per adult and 30,000 won per child. There are 3 tour slots per day at 10, 11 and 16:00.

To get to the Marina Port, go through the Daemyung Resort Sono Calm hotel, turn right and follow the signs down to the bay. When you arrive, you can register at the ‘Captain’s Grill & Bar’ where the staff will confirm your identity and fill out an embarkation card.

If you missed out on water sports at Deokpo Beach, there’s more available by the Marina!

Sono Calm Geoje

Address: 2660 Geojedae-ro, Ilun-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Operating Hours: 11:30am - 9:00pm
Directions: Take bus 22, 23, 23-1, 24-2, 25, 25-1, 25-2, 60, 61, 61-1, 62, 62-1, 63, 65, 67-1 or 4000 to Sono Calm Geoje stop.

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