Vibrant and Magical Lotte Tower Christmas Festival

Lotte world tower, the fifth tallest building in the world, holds an amazing Christmas festival for the people, especially the tourists. This building is really a wonder, as it is an amalgamation of traditional and modern design, mixing nature with recent technology.

Something about the Lotte Tower

It is the tallest building in Korea; it has 123 stories, making it 555 meters high. It also has the tallest observation deck, Seoul sky. Other than that one of Korea’s luxurious hotels Signiel Seoul is also present in the tower. Other things that this tower has are a fitness center, healthcare center, financial center, and podium.

The place is also home to Lotte Duty-Free Store, which is Korea’s biggest duty-free store. Fashion lovers like to shop around and pick up some amazing stuff. It has all the essential items required for urban-modern living. The best urban aquarium in Korea is also present in the tower.

There is so much to do when visiting the tower; it has the biggest multiplex in Asia, a wonderful classical musical hall, and so much more. This tower is full of spectacular things-to-do, and if you want to have a great time this Christmas then visit the Lotte tower Christmas festival.

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The Lotte Tower Christmas Festival

This time around, the entire world is in a festive mood and spirit. Korea is one of the best places to be during the Christmas and holiday season. There is so much to do, and so many places to visit in the country. The Lotte tower Christmas festival is a place just like that.

If you are in Seoul make sure you visit one of the world’s tallest buildings in all its glory.  The entire building is decorated and lit-up from head to toe with Christmas-themed lights.

It is amazing to see the spectacular Seoul city from the Seoul sky. The view is breathtakingly beautiful from up there. If not the observation deck, you can shop in the mall or just roam around with your loved ones.

This tall building is already noticeable but during Christmas due to the dazzling Christmas-y lights, it stands out even more. For tourists this is the best spot to click some amazing pictures, and also to do something fun for the holidays. As for the locals, most families have a tradition to visit this beautifully lit tower.

Highlights of the Lotte Tower Christmas Festival

The best thing about the Lotte tower Christmas festival is that not only do they decorate the tower with lights but you will also see brilliantly decorated areas surrounding the tower.

The entrance is cool-toned blue lights that give it a wintery look. This wired canopy also has little children shaped on it for the sake of the Christmas spirit.


There is also a big Christmas tree right outside the tower. Little fairy lights cover the entire length of this tree in a wired cage. This tree is decorated for the festival and it looks a lot like the Lotte world tower itself.

At the spot where there are vibrant moonlight LED rectangles. You will see a lot of people taking photos, as these look great in a picture. These lights give the place a more groovy and vibrant look. People who love such decoration must visit.


Other than that there are many different glorious decorations spread here and there. If you visit the tower, there are so many places to check out. There is a big magnificent lit-up moon, and also bonfire-shaped lighting. The whole place looks majestic in all of these decorations and lightings.

There is also a small house like triangles for brands and stores like H&M, and MUJI books, etc.  They are all also fully covered in lights and you can see them from afar. The whole vibe of this place is very Christmas-y, magical, and over-all strikingly beautiful to the eyes.



In Conclusion,

If you are looking for someplace cool to visit during the Christmas holidays then the Lotte tower Christmas festival is the best place to visit. It has wonderful lighting, decorations, and activities to offer to visitors.

It really captivates the interests of everyone visiting, locals, and tourists alike. Due to the on-going pandemic situation in the world, you may see a lot fewer people around the Lotte world tower. However, going to such events this year will light up your year (I know, how much we all need this).

Enjoy an amazing day-out with your lover, friends, or family, take memorable pictures, and invest your time in witnessing something great.

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