Varicose Vein Treatment in Korea: Gyeongin Clinic

Gyeongin Clinic is a medical office that specializes in varicose vein treatment as well as laser treatments. Located in Bucheon, Gyeonggi, the clinic is conveniently located along Seoul’s subway system. Plus, the clinic offers flexible treatment times to fit each patient’s needs.

What is a Varicose Vein

First, before we get into this amazing clinic that offers varicose vein treatment in Korea, let’s go over what a varicose vein actually is.

Varicose Vein Causes

Varicose veins are caused by increased blood pressure in the veins due to poor circulation. If blood is unable to pump through the body in a timely manner due to heart issues or weakened/ damaged valves within veins, it pools. When blood pools in the veins, it normally collects in the legs due to gravity, and this is when we see varicose veins begin to form.

What a Varicose Vein Looks Like

Varicose veins appear on the body as a large squiggly line that pops out from the body. They are often slightly purple or blue in color and are most commonly found on the legs. Simply put, a varicose vein is an enlarged blood vessel.

Often, the appearance of varicose veins is accompanied by a number of uncomfortable symptoms. In the early stages, you may experience numbness or a heavy feeling in your legs, later accompanied by a fever and generalized swelling. Without treatment, it will progress to spontaneous bleeding, congestive dermatitis, and skin ulcers.

Varicose Vein Risk Factors

-Low Level of Activity
-Occupations that require excess standing (sales staff, hairdressers, teachers, etc)
-Leg Injury
-Those on hormone-based birth control medications

Gyeongin Clinic

Gyeongin clinic specializes in customized varicose vein treatment. This clinic offers various treatment methods, all on flexible schedules. With off hours available, you can receive treatments on the weekdays after work or even late at night.

Varicose vein treatment at Gyeongin clinic does not require hospitalization and is performed with virtually no pain. Professionals will do their best to find the treatment that suits you best.

One of their most popular methods is laser treatment. It is totally painless and does not result in any scarring. Due to its popularity, Gyeongin Clinic has opened an entire skin laser sub-clinic.

Varicose Vein Treatment in South Korea

Gyeongin Clinic is one of the few options for specialized varicose vein treatment in South Korea. Being one of the most advanced countries in the work when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, getting treated in South Korea is an obvious choice. Gyeongin Clinic has access to Korea’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to reducing scars and improving appearance. The clinic just applies this knowledge to treating enlarged veins.

There are four main approaches Gyeongin Clinic takes when it comes to the treatment of varicose veins.

Compression and Sclerotherapy

With this treatment type, sclerotherapy comes first, followed by compression. Internationally, it is the most common treatment method for varicose veins. It is especially effective for smaller varicose veins. Most studies report that a single session can improve the appearance of enlarged veins by 50-80 percent.

With the first step, sclerotherapy, a solution is directly injected into the skin. Although the components of the solution vary by brand, the solution is hypertonic saline. Meaning that it is a saline (salt) concentrate. The salt irritates veins, causing them to close up, which keeps blood from pooling in them.

The solution is injected with a thin syringe, then blood vessels are pressed flat, and compressed for about three weeks using compression stockings. Compression following sclerotherapy reduces the probability that the varicose veins will return.

Fine Incision Surgery

For some varicose veins, fine incision surgery may be more effective than sclerotherapy. It is an easy surgery with minimal scars. Additionally, it is highly effective at improving the overall appearance of varicose veins. You can walk out immediately after the in-clinic surgery. No recovery time is needed

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is very low risk, has minimal side effects, and is less painful than other treatment methods. It is a very good option for those who are concerned about scaring.

At Geyongin Clinic a combination of multiple lasers is often used, according to each individual patient’s condition.

High Elasticity Pressure Stockings

High elasticity pressure stockings are a conservative form of varicose vein therapy. They are not used to correct veins. However, they are effective at preventing varicose veins from progressing further.

Other Treatments at Gyeongin Clinic

Gyeongin Clinic doesn’t just treat varicose veins. They also offer a number of other treatment options for a wide of diagnoses.

Skin Laser

Gyeongin Clinic has multiple skin laser devices that can be used in combination to tackle different issues, depending on patients’ needs.

Among the clinic’s many lasers, is a CO2 Laser which easily removes moles, warts, and other unwanted growths without anesthesia. Additionally, the Ruby Laser 694nm is excellent at pigment corrections. It can remove sunspots, birthmarks, and other pigment lesions. Finally, other commonly used lasers are the Erbium Laser and ND-Yag (1064 nm, 532 nm) which are commonly used for scar treatment and exfoliation.

Skin Laser Uses

-Pigment Correction
-Dark Circle Correction
-Tattoo Removal
-Sunspot removal
-Freckle, moles (flat and 3D)
-smallpox scars, acne scars, cigarette burn scars
-vascularization, strawberry moles, wrinkles around eyes, lipoma removal
-Deodorization(armpits), hair removal
-Keloid, hammered, and abscess treatment


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In order to reduce fat in the body, you can get liposuction. Making 3-4, 0.5cm incisions fat tissue is cut under local anesthetic. Then, it is removed by suction. The process takes about an hour and there are no permanent scars afterward. It can be performed on the abdomen, forearm, thigh, breast, and back.

Location & Contact Information

Gyeongin Clinic (경인외과의원)

Address: 219 Gilju-Ro, Bucheon, Gyeonggi
Korean address: 경기 부천시 길주로 219 드림빌딩 2층
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Phone: 032-326-1843