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Useful Apps When Traveling to Korea

When traveling to a foreign country, it is always a challenge on how to navigate the place, how to ride public transportation, where to go, where to stay a lot more concerns. But thanks to the new digital technology, specifically in our smartphones, there are now a lot of mobile apps to help us. With that, here are some of the useful apps when you travel to Korea.



Better and smarter way to take subway, KakaoMetro.


Kakaobus provides you with real-time bus and bus stop information of 57 Korean cities.


KakaoMap will show you the fastest routes in Korea!

Kakao Metro

The most convenient way of traveling within Seoul and other metropolitan cities in Korea is by using the subway. There are a lot of other mobile apps that will allow you to navigate the subway in Korea but my most recommended one is the Kakao Metro. It does not only allow you to check the schedule of the trains, but you also see the estimated fare by using the app. Moreover, you can even change your location to other cities such as Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Gwangju.


Kakao Bus

Another useful app to have when traveling to Korea is the Kakao Bus. If you want to be more familiar with the streets of Korea, I recommend you to try riding a bus than subway. It is because riding the bus allows you to see the streets in broad daylight and at night. With Kakao Bus, you can see the bus schedule using the bus number or the bus stop name. You can also check for the nearby bus stops.


Kakao Map or Naver Map

If you are traveling to Korea, I suggest that you use either Kakao Map or Naver Map apps than Google Map. It is because these useful apps are more accurate than the latter. It also shows nearby bus stops and nearby subway stations.


Bus and Train Ticket Reservation

Express Bus and Inter-City Bus T-Money

Express Bus T-Money

Now with a mobile ticket without the need for a paper ticket!

Intercity Bus T-Money

Check the transporation information in real time through inquiring the departure/arrival terminal.

If you are planning to go to different cities outside Seoul, Express Bus T-Money (고속버스 티머니) and Inter-City Bus T-Money (시외버스 티머니) will be very helpful in your bus ticket reservation. The Express Bus T-Money is mainly use for traveling to other cities; for example, going to Daejeon from Seoul. While Inter-City Bus T-Money is mainly use for traveling within the city or neighboring cities. You will get a QR code upon successful reservation that you will have to scan when you ride on the bus. However, these apps are in Korean and you must have a Korean number in order to use them.

Express Bus T-Money
Intercity Bus


If you wanted a faster of traveling to other provinces within Korea, you may opt to ride the train. In doing that, you can use the KorailTalk (코레일톡). They also have an English website ( where you can book your ticket. Using this app, you can check the train schedule, estimated fare per types of train and available seats. In addition, you can also use international cards in reserving your ticket.




Traveling to another country without a knowledge of their local language is very challenging. But thanks to translation apps, talking to locals can be made easier. Papago is a widely used translation app. A lot of Koreans use it too. Of course, the translation wouldn’t be 100% accurate but it will definite be useful to have it on your mobile phone when traveling to Korea.

Naver Papago

Naver Dictionary

Another translation app that you can rely to is the Naver Dictionary. Compare to Papago, it provides more context to a word and sample sentences on how to use it.

Naver Dictionary

Weather Forecast

Lastly, you will be needing an app for weather forecast. As you know, Korea has four distinct seasons and it is recommended to know the season and the weather if you plan to travel around Korea. For example, during rainy season in summer (June to August), you probably do not want to be soaked in the rain and ruin your day. Also, during winter season, it is best to know the degree of temperature that you will have to brave and be prepared with your clothing.

Weather : Weather forecast

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