Ulsan – Home to the Subtle Attractions

Ulsan, South Korea’s seventh-largest metropolitan city is known as the country’s industrial powerhouse. Home to South Korea’s icon, Hyundai Motors and SK Energy, Ulsan is also famous for its alluring attractions and cinematographic coastal views. Through this blog, let us look at the three most famous attractions of Ulsan that must be included in your Ulsan’s itinerary.

Daewangam Park

Located in a coastal area with scenic views, Daewangam Park is surely an attraction that creates a serene atmosphere for the visitors. To reach the highlight of the Daewangam Park, the Daewangam Rock, you need to walk through an undulating walking trail full of pine trees and picturesque sea views.

After that, you will witness an island with impressive arrangements of rocks, the Daewangam Rock. An iron bridge connects the Daewangam Rock with the mainland.

The iron bridge connecting the island and the mainland
The quirky arrangements of rocks

The views surrounded by the massive rocks are extremely stunning and Instagram worthy.

At night, the bridge lights up and it gives off a vibrant vibe.

The lighted up iron bridge (Source: th.tripadvisor.com)
Directions to the Daewangam Park

From Ulsan Express Bus Terminal Bus Stop, take bus No. 124 and get off at Daewangam Park Bus Stop. From there, a 10 min walk will bring you to Daewangam Park.

Address: 905, Ilsan-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan

Seoknamsa Temple

Seoknamsa Temple tucked back at the southern side of Gaji Mountain range in Ulsan, is one of the four major Buddhist temples in Gajisan Provincial Park. Built-in 824 A.D., the temple was destroyed during the Japanese Invasions of Korea. It has undergone several rebuilding and as of now, it consists of 30 buildings.

From the entrance, a canopy of trees that follows along a stream will lead you up to the temple.


After a 10 min walk along the beautiful, forested path, you will reach the temple. The colourful temple walls will welcome you into the temple. One of the highlights of the temple is the Three-story Pagoda which is located at the midpoint of the temple.


According to the history, Monk Doui resurrected this pagoda with the hope that it would help protect his country from foreign invasions. Standing gorgeously at the center of the temple, it is surely a beautiful sight that begs everyone to take a breath, take a seat and experience the calm of the grounds the temple exhibits. 

Admission Hours

 The temple operates from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Admission Fee
Adults1,700 won
Teenagers1,300 won
Children1,000 won

From Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal, you can take local bus No. 1713 or No. 807 to Seoknamsa Temple.

Address: 557 Seongnam-ro, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

Taehwagang Bamboo Forest

Taehwagang bamboo forest, sits on the Taehwagang National Garden is known as one of the most beautiful bamboo forests in South Korea. Suffice to say, this bamboo forest is surely a stunner and surely a must visit place in Ulsan.

Initially, this bamboo forest was built by the local villagers to overcome the flood issues caused by the Taehwagang River. Thanks to the villagers’ effort, the flood is ceased and now the bamboo forest is rich and lush. The bamboo forest was actually featured in the Top 100 Must Visit Spots in Korea for 2019. Yet, this bamboo forest is a secret even among locals. The bamboo forest covers 4 km and has various exits so you can weave in and out and all around easily. Particularly at night, the whole bamboo forest lights up and it exhibits a whole different vibe to the visitors.




From Ulsan Express Bus Terminal Bus Stop, take bus No. 708, 728, 327, 357, 807, and 133 and get off at Taehwadong. From there, an 11min walk will bring you to the Taehwagang National Garden.

Address: 107 Taehwa-dong Jung-gu, Ulsan

Final Thoughts

Ulsan is surely a place with a lot of attractions being kept as a secret and need to be explored. Also, you can easily find accommodations through Airbnb and Naver website for affordable prices. During my trip to Ulsan, we booked our accommodation through Airbnb and the house was wide and cozy. If you are stuck in a hustle city life and need a short getaway, then Ulsan is the ideal place for you!


Hi! I am Aiyinggeri from Malaysia currently pursuing degree at Sungkyunkwan University.