Tropics in Glass: Geoje Jungle Dome

Do you ever feel like escaping the city to enjoy a day in nature? I want to offer you a whole different experience in nature – Geoje Jungle Dome! Geoje Jungle Dome is the largest glass botanical garden in South Korea and it’s the perfect place for a day away from the stress of the big cities.

If you live in Busan or are visiting Busan, Geoje is the perfect place to visit. Geoje is an island located in South Gyeongsang. Even though it’s a well-known, tourist place, it’s still very peaceful and worth visiting for a few days. You can enjoy nature at its fullest: from the beautiful and clean beaches to places like Jungle Dome. 

Getting there

Even though it’s an island, it can be accessed by car or bus from Busan. If you decide to go by bus, you can take one from Busan Seobu Bus Terminal to Gohyeon Bus Terminal. It takes around an hour and twenty minutes and the fee is 8,200 won. It is a must-visit place if you’re in Busan and got some extra days or want a different experience!

Just as a note, when going from Busan to the island of Geoje, you will go through the Geoje-Busan Fixed Link. It is a 3.7km long undersea tunnel, the first construction of this type in South Korea!

Geoje Jungle Dome

We chose Geoje Jungle Dome as our first place to visit in Geoje. The fee was 5,000 won per person (adult). You can enjoy the beautiful lake and take some pictures outside with the innovative and unique building of Jungle Dome! 

Once you enter, you will follow the route that’s prepared for visitors. I personally liked this, since sometimes I feel lost when I visit places like this. I want to see everything, but worry I will miss something! So, it was really nice that we just had to follow the route.

First, we enjoyed the views of Geoje Jungle Dome’s beautiful waterfall.

Another place you must see if you visit this place is the giant bird’s nest photo spot! We had to queue for some time when we went to take our picture, but it was worth it. It’s a really famous spot to take pictures there, so don’t forget to take yours as well!

We continued walking on what seemed to be a second floor. It felt more like a path in the sky rather than a normal second floor – we could see everything from above! There was some kind of house along the way where there were some more photo spots! Then, after going downstairs, there was a whole garden.

It was really diverse. It had plants and flowers from every place in the world that you could imagine. I even found my hometown’s native trees there! These only grow in my region, so I was impressed seeing them so far away.

Outside the building

In addition, once you come out, you can visit the gardens they have outside. They have the “Hobbit Garden” where you can take pictures of the small and cute hobbit houses! It was one of my favorite parts. I didn’t expect to find something like that there! They also have the “Rainy Garden” where, as the name explains, it’s always raining! 

Geoje Jungle Dome’s Rainy Garden

In conclusion, it’s a place I really recommend going to if you’re visiting Geoje or in nearby areas such as Busan! It’s an experience you will never forget.

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Geoje Botanical Garden Jungle Dome (거제식물원 정글돔)

Address:  978-27 Seojeong-ri, Geoje-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Korean Address: 경남 거제시 거제면 거제남서로 3595 거제식물원
Opening Hours: 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Closed: Mondays
🇪🇸 Silvia Miranda Vega

Spanish student in Busan, South Korea. Wandering around this beautiful country. An aspiring photographer who also loves writing. Sharing Korea with the world!