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Traveling Alone in Korea – The Whys and The Hows of Solo Female Travel

Are you planning to travel alone and thinking where is the best place to do it? Then consider traveling alone in Korea.

Why Travel Alone in Korea?

I had my first ever solo travel experience abroad when I turned 20 something and I couldn’t think of any other country where to do aside from Korea. And here are my reasons why I decided to travel alone in Korea:

Low Crime Rate

According to South Korea 2020 Crime & Safety Report, Korea remains a very safe country. Of course, there is no such a perfect country that has zero crime rate, but at least for Korea, it is lower. The report also states that most crimes are non-violent in nature, although there have been reports of more serious crimes, such as sexual assaults and murders. Therefore, even though you are traveling alone in Korea, it is pretty much safer.

Moreover, in my years of traveling within Korea, I have never experienced being stolen from. I could even leave my laptop and mobile phone unattended on top of a table in a coffee shop and no one would try to steal it.

Even in attending Hallyu events such as concerts or fan meetings, I would usually have a peace of mind that despite the crowd, nothing will be taken from me without my knowledge. I could safely use a backpack without worrying that someone might get my things from behind. In case, something bad happen to you, learn more how to report a crime here.

Presence of CCTV Cameras

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Perhaps, one factor why the crime rate in Korea is low is the presence of CCTV cameras. The government has installed CCTV cameras in most of the public place. While local residents are also securing their private properties by doing the same. Thus, should there be any incident, they could immediately call the authorities.

Convenient Public Transportation

Another good reason for traveling alone in Korea is the convenient public transportation. This is the case especially in the metropolitan area where you can easily ride a subway or a public bus. In Seoul, there is even a night bus that you can ride after midnight when the subway closes. Taxis are also widely available but it is of course more expensive. To have an idea on the cost of traveling within Korea, read here.

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Friendly Locals

And most importantly, if you are traveling alone in Korea and would need help from the locals, I can say that most of them would be willing to extend a hand. Even though not everyone can speak in English fluently, they will still try to help you in any way that they can. This has happened to me in several occasions whenever I would lose my way especially in the provinces.

Few Reminders for Traveling Solo in Korea

Check for Hidden Cameras

In the recent years, hidden cameras are becoming a great concern in Korea. So whenever you use a public restroom and even inside your accommodation, make an effort to check if there are hidden cameras and report in the authorities in case you find any.

Learn Basic Korean

It is also advisable that you at least learn the basic Korean language. This will help you in case you will have to converse with the local people. Read: Questions that Koreans Frequently Asked to Foreigners.

Keep Copies of Your Important Documents

Whenever you are out of home country, you have to secure copies of your important documents such as passport and valid IDs. This is in case that you lose them or spilled something on them. It could be in physical or digital copies.

Have an Itinerary

If you are an organized person then you will greatly benefit from having an itinerary. But if you want a more spontaneous solo travel to Korea, then you can just go where your heart leads you. However, it would still be better to have a ready itinerary in case things won’t go your way and you need a guidance.

Travel Insurance

And lastly, whenever you travel abroad, it is wise to have a travel insurance. Doing this will give you a peace of mind that whatever happens, your insurance is there to cover any unforeseen financial obligations.

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