Train Tickets In Korea – A Step by Step Guide To Buy Them

South Korea, well known for its tourist destinations and traditional landmarks, also has a well-structured transport system. Moreover, Locals and foreigners in Korea usually travel through South Korea’s public transportation. Furthermore, transportation in South Korea is usually done through buses, trains, boats, and airplanes. Trains are considered as the most convenient and affordable way to travel from one destination to another. The railway transport system in South Korea consists of the mainline railway lines in most of the places, and the rapid transit system in some major cities. But, if you are a foreigner or even a local, travelling for the first time you might get confused about booking train tickets in Korea.

We present you with the ultimate guide to booking train tickets in Korea. Scroll down and read step by step guide to booking train tickets in South Korea. Also, there are two methods to book train tickets in Korea. 

Booking Train Tickets in Korea from Railway Station


To book train tickets from stations, in person, or at the time of departure, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • See the departure time of the train you want to travel from, before-hand.
  • Visit the station you are departing from.
  • Make sure to reach the station a bit early than the departure time.
  • Approach the counter of the Railway Station.
  • Tell the salesperson, on the counter, about your respective train. 
  • The salesperson will hand over the desired number of tickets to you and will tell you their price.
  • Lastly, pay the money.

Through Machines

There is another, more convenient way to purchase train tickets at Railway stations. Ticket vending machines are present at most of the stations, especially for KTX train tickets. Moreover, they perform the action of printing and selling regular train tickets. The Best thing about these machines is that they operate in both Korean and English Languages. You can pay through your credit card.

Booking Train Tickets In Korea Online

Through Official Applications

All of the three main train types in South Korea, Mugunghwa, SRT, and KTX, have their mobile applications. You can easily purchase tickets through these mobile apps.


코레일톡4 – KTX & Mugunghwa

Google Play | App Store


SRT – 수서고속철도(NEW)

Google Play | App Store

Through Third-Party Sites

A lot of online websites and applications have the option to sell train tickets. These online or third party platforms include HomePluses, Emarts, Qubi, etc. If you use any of these online platforms, you would get an e-ticket on your phone. It is completely hassle-free. 

Booking Train Tickets in Korea through Korail

The term Korail stands for Korea Railroad Corporation. It is the national railway operator in South Korea. Korail is a public sector corporation, currently. It is managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation. Apart from these third party platforms, you can easily purchase tickets through the official Korail website. Through Korail, you can purchase train tickets up to one month in advance. And this is what you will be seeing in this article: A complete guide to purchasing railway tickets from the official website of Korail.

Korail&Korea Rail Network Authority headquarters @ Minseong Kim / wikimedia

Visit Site

Firstly, to access the official site go to your browser tab, and type

Change Language

Secondly, you can select your suitable language by changing it from the language option present on the top-right corner of the home page.

Choose Rail Tickets 

Thirdly, click on Rail Tickets present on the top-middle of the home page.

Complete the Reservation Details

  • Upon reaching Rail Tickets, select the type of travel. The options are Normal Type, O-train, V-train, A-train, G-train, and DMZ train. 
  • You can select your preferred travel type from direct or transfer. 
  • Go to the next step by selecting your year, month, date, hour, and day of the departure.
  • Select your departure and arrival destinations.
  • Choose the type of train from the wide options of KTX, ITX-Cheongchun, ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaul, Nuriro, Mugunghwa, and Commuter.
  • Select the number of adults and children that are travelling with you (including you). Moreover, If you are travelling alone, just select Adult 1.
  • After filling the whole form, click on the inquiry button at the bottom of the form.

Choose the Select Button

  • You will be presented with a whole chart, showing classes and times of departures and arrival. 
  • Choose the desired time and class type, and also click on the select option in the respective box.
  • After that, click on the Next button, at the bottom-middle of the tab.

Complete your Personal Information Form

  • After selecting your desired train, you will be directed to a personal information form.
  • Fill your first name.
  • Fill your last name also. 
  • Select your gender also.
  • Enter your passport number.
  • Select your nationality.
  • Enter your email address also.
  • After completing the form, click on the Next button, at the bottom-middle of the tab

Complete the Payment Information

  • After rechecking and making sure that all of the previously entered information was correct, proceed to the payment.
  • Enter your credit card number. Only Korean issued credit cards, and foreign credit cards can be used.
  • Click the payment button at the bottom.

Collect your ticket

Lastly, you can collect your printed ticket at any Korail station window before the departure time. 

In conclusion, you are all set and ready to travel and see the beautiful destinations of South Korea.

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