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The pandemic has been trapping people to stay home. Now, a paradigm shift is literally happening in our very eyes where online activities has become more prevalent ever after. Even grocery shopping is done online now. In South Korea, many applications are developed to meet the demand of citizens in online shopping. A survey was made by WiseApp to analyze about the current situation of shopping apps for 10000 Android users in Korea.

The results are as follows :

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Coupang- the most used shopping apps

Coupang, being the most used shopping apps for Android Users in South Korea, is famous of the Rocket Delivery. With a monthly fee of 2900 won for Rocket Wow membership, you can enjoy free delivery for most items and fast delivery in only one or two days. Coupang also offers morning delivery before 7.00 a.m. for certain items like bread, milk and fruits, of which freshness is important.

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Moreover, the variety of shopping items is huge. It covers from groceries to electrical appliances, entrance tickets and anything you could possibly think of. Many Koreans also frequently use Coupang to buy electronic devices like cellphones, tablets, and headphones. The prices fluctuate so sometimes you could get your desire item for a really cheap price. Nonetheless, Coupang even do real estate! Houses can be sold on Coupang as well!


Danggeun Market (Carrot Market)- a second-hand trading shopping app

The second place goes to Danggeun Market (Carrot market). This is a shopping app for second-hand items. After verifying your address, you could basically access to all the available second-hand items sold by people around your neighborhood. Since the number of users have rocketed vastly, the variety of items you can find on the app has also increased.

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From my experience, I bought two board games for below 10000 won each, which are about quarters of their lowest price sold online. One of them is even a new item with its wrapping plastic still intact! We did a face-to-face trading and cash payment.

The important thing here is that not only you can buy things also you can sell! Just simply take a picture of the items that you would like to let go, add some description and that will be on the market. Then you only need to wait for a message from anyone who is interested to trade with you.

However, the utilization of Carrot Market sometimes require you to know Korean language because the app is in fully Korean. Also, you will need Korean to communicate and negotiate with the sellers. You could freely drop a message to ask about the details of the items and discuss about the payment and trading methods.

11th Street- foreigner-friendly shopping apps

The third most used shopping apps in Korea is 11th street. This is quite similar to other shopping apps like Gmarket and Coupang.

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These shopping apps frequently hold events which you can download coupons and vouchers to buy things for a cheaper price. Make sure you don’t miss them! They even have point collection for each penny you spend on the apps. You could use the points in your subsequent payments.

As compared to Coupang and Carrot Market, the advantage of 11th Street is that it is more foreigner-friendly as the site is available in English and it also provides international shipping for certain items.

My thoughts…

I personally enjoy using Coupang and Carrot Market to do grocery shopping and buy second-hand items! How about you? The shopping apps in Korea are really good and popular of their good service, delivery speed and variety. If you haven’t experience any of them, why not have a try! I’m sure you would love it!

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea