Top Jeju Island Souvenirs

Jeju, also known as the Hawaii of South Korea, is Korea’s most popular domestic tourism destination. Indeed, Jeju’s wonderful nature encourages creativity, resulting in all kinds of unique treasures. There is so much to choose from! But today I will go over some of the top Jeju Island souvenirs that you should pick up on your trip.

Jeju Rocks

On Jeju Island, you can find dark-colored rocks everywhere. This is because the island was formed due to volcanic activity. In lots of local craft shops, you can find Jeju’s unique volcanic rocks painted by local artists or, you can opt for something a little more traditional.

All over Jeju island, you can find large statues carved out of volcanic stone called Dol Hareubang. Dol Hareubang literally means ‘grandfather made of stone’. The name comes from Jeju’s dialect — dol (돌) is ‘stone’ and hareubang (하르방) means ‘grandfather’. You might also notice that the statues resemble certain – male body parts. Traditionally the statues are thought to protect against demons and encourage fertility.

You can’t bring a full-sized Dol Harebang with you back to the mainland. However, you can find miniature versions of these phallic stone grandfathers at most gift shops on the island. Or, even in plushie form!

Jeju Postcards

Postcards from Jeju Island that you can gift your loved ones with a special message anyone? Images of sunsets, drawings made by local artists, or inspirational quotes with a Jeju background – you can find it all. For those of us living abroad, sending postcards is a great way to show friends and family back home just how much we love them.

Candles and Soap

Jeju Island is home to a lot of local soap and candle makers. There are a lot of shops where you can find cute designs made with local ingredients.

I really fell for the Dol Harabong candles and Jeju tangerine soaps. Without a doubt, I am obsessed with the candle! Doesn’t it look cute? And it has a small flag with Jeju written on it next to Korea’s national flower. The quote translates to: It’s okay to take it slow~ Definitely holiday vibes, I like to look at it every time I get stressed out.

Beware these tangerines are not edible! The Jeju tangerine soap I got smells so lovely and looks delicious. I wouldn’t want to ruin so I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually use it.

Fresh Fruit

While you can’t bring fresh fruit with you all the way back to your home country, you can bring it to the mainland!

Jeju island is famous for its wonderful citrus. In particular, Hallabong, Jeju tangarines, and golden kiwis are extremely delicious. You pick them straight from the orchards of Jeju yourself to bring back home with you. Also, keep in mind that there are no liquid restrictions on domestic flights in Korea. So, you can bring juice or concentrates back with you on the plane as well.

Limited Edition Jeju Island Souvenirs

Different brands release limited edition Jeju souvenir snacks that go viral a few times a year. Kakao had Hallabong jelly cups. Hershey’s had Jeju tangerine cookies. But, when I went it was all about Paris Baguette’s Jeju Heart Sandwich (제주 마음샌드).

Jeju Heart Sandwich (제주 마음샌드)

Last but not least, my all-time favorite! The perfect souvenir to say goodbye to Jeju. These sandwich cookies are exclusive to Paris Baguette in Jeju’s Airport (3rd floor). The sandwiches are made of cookies filled with cookies, butter, and peanuts. Yummy!

Careful you can only find these at the Airport on Jeju Island so make sure to stop by. They are made in limited editions and due to the craze, you can only purchase two boxes of 10 per person.

Safe Travels!

If you’re going to Jeju there are so many things to experience and unique souvenirs you can pick up along the way. So, don’t start shopping too quickly! If you have been to Jeju, did you get any Jeju island souvenirs? Let me know in the comments below!

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