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Top English Speaking Hospitals For Foreigners in South Korea

If you have ever visited South Korea or heard of it, you must know how proud Koreans are about their culture and language. We are sure you already know how South Korea’s passport is the world’s second most powerful passport. You don’t even need to file for a visa for around 175 countries if you have a Korean passport. Moreover, it is now a hotspot for tourism and a great vacation point. The truth about Korean pride, however, remains intact despite this international recognition Koreans are not much acquainted with English, the international language. 


This, perhaps, is the strongest reason why you would not find many people who can speak English in Korea. Although, there are a lot of places that are bilingual or have bilingual staff like top tourist places. But it still gets a bit on your nerves if you are a foreigner and you’re visiting Korea for the first time.

Learning the basics of Korean becomes an inevitable fact at this point. However, we understand it can’t be an easy process. This is why we are now sharing top English speaking hospitals in South Korea for foreigners. Since medical treatment is a basic right and necessity, you must acquaint yourself with the knowledge of English speaking hospitals in South Korea before going there.

Anyway, what are we waiting for? Let’s start digging.

International Clinic: Yongsan-gu, Seoul


So International Clinic situated in Seoul tops our list of English speaking hospitals in South Korea for its quality. The staff, including all the doctors and paramedics, are not bilingual in the sense that they speak Korean and English. Rather they are multi-lingual because they speak Chinese, Korean, and English at the same time.

The clinic caters to all kinds of health and beauty-related problems of its patients with a special focus on foreigners. If you ever visit Seoul and get sick over there, we recommend you going to International Clinic at Yongsan-gu.

Ulsan University Hospital: Dong-gu, Ulsan

As the name suggests, Ulsan University Hospital is with the university’s hospital and hence is a very reliable and top-rated hospital in Ulsan. Both the medical staff and facilities are quite promising. The fact that many foreigners visit this hospital is evidence in itself of its quality. 

The Tree Group: One Of The Best English Speaking Hospitals in South Korea For Mental Health

This is one of the best English speaking hospitals in South Korea for foreigners if you need help related to physiology and psychology. You will not find many clinics catering to the foreigners’ mental health or physiology-related needs.

But this place offers the best counseling sessions and the best part is, they are on Western approach. So if you are from any Western country looking for some therapy in English, you can try visiting The Tree Group.

Pusan National University Hospital: Busan

This is another leading university hospital in South Korea which is situated in Busan. The best part that will lure your attention is its history and record for serving foreigners. The hospital has been functional since 2012 for its primary and secondary consultations, regular checkups, and even special tests and vaccinations for foreigners.

This hospital accepts locals as well so if you are from Korea but want to visit a quality English speaking hospital, PNUH is your place.

Cheju Halla General Hospital: Cheju, Jeju-do

What if we told you that there is a hospital in South Korea that is so dedicated to its aim of your treatment that its whole motto revolves around treating the patient’s body like yours? How would you feel? Quite relieved, right?

Well, we did not just make you imagine for no reason because Cheju Halla General Hospital is the one with this aim. It is known as one of the top-rated hospitals for its quality and dedication to the patients’ problems.

Global Diaspora Multicultural Counseling Center

We understand that the first time you visit Korea, you will have many stereotypes and fears in your mind. It is quite understandable because this is how normal human beings are in a new place. But what’s interesting about South Korea is that not only it will break your stereotypes and doubts but leave you surprised by the quality and diversity it has.


You would be amazed to know that all of the doctors at Global Diaspora Multicultural Counseling Center are the US licensed. The therapist here offers both onsite and online sessions at a very reasonable price. 

Children, adults, adolescents, and people from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds are legal to get sessions from here. Isn’t it amazing?

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital: Jongno-gu, Seoul

Let’s end our article with the last but not the least mention in our English-speaking hospitals in South Korea for foreigners list. Kangbuk Samsung Hospital has been serving both locals and international visitors since 1968 with an aim to provide quality treatment to all.


The hospital has the latest technology and the staff is well-versed in English.