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The Highest Paid Jobs In Korea

If you are planning to move to Korea, or already have, you may be interested in what are the highest paid jobs in Korea. While money doesn’t equal happiness, it certainly helps. If you are living in Korea as a foreigner, a basic visa requirement is that you have a certain amount of money in order to support yourself. Interested in making the big bucks here in Korea? Read on…

1. Doctor

No matter where you are in the world, you stand to get highly paid if you are a physician. Doctors are in high demand in every country, so you as long as you’ve got the qualifications, you don’t need to worry about finding a job. In Korea, a family physician can earn up to 170 million KRW per year, which comes to around $140k. Pretty good right?

2. Dentist

The dental industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. In Korea, where cosmetic surgeries are popular, dental surgeons can make even more money than in other countries. Furthermore, tooth decay and other issues are on the rise too. Who doesn’t want to get that perfect set of teeth? A dentist in Seoul can make 150 million KRW per year, approx. $130k.

3. Digital Marketing Rep.

Korea is at the forefront of the digital marketing sector, thriving even during the age of Covid-19. In fact, digital marketing is on the way to replacing the traditional style of business. Therefore, higher-ups in the digital marketing industry have the potential to earn a lot of money. Additionally, even standard managers and reps can earn 50 million KRW a year in Korea, approx. $42k. Not bad, eh?

4. Academic Researcher

Korea is one of the top countries in the field of scientific research. Therefore, researchers here carry a lot of prestige. If you’ve got the research skills and the PhD to match, you could earn $50k in Korea, or 60 million KRW.

5. Lawyer

From corporate to family lawyers, law professions in Korea can bag a lot of money. As a foreigner, you already carry a large advantage to starting a career in international law, or running a specialised service for expats. However, law is a highly competitive field and the work load is tough. If you can pull it off, you stand to earn over 100 million KRW, almost $84k.

6. Pilot

Speaking of competitive fields, pilots fly up the ranks for highest paid jobs in most countries, including Korea. Due to the outstanding skills and expensive education necessary for one to become a pilot, those who are successful get a hefty salary sum to match. In Korea, pilots earn approx. 48 million KRW per year, or $40k. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, you should note the strict vision tests you need to pass in order to be eligible to even study!

7. Pharmacist

Pharmacists have the same duty of care as physicians and other healthcare workers do. Furthermore, in a country with orthodox legal punishments, one mistake can land a pharmacist in prison, with their license revoked. However, if you’re a pharmacist abroad, you should definitely consider expanding your career to Korea. Here, pharmacists can earn 45 million KRW per year, approx. $38k.

8. University Professor

Another surprisingly highly paid job in Korea is as a university professor. Teaching positions are notoriously underpaid in other countries, but Korea is not one of them. Korean universities are some of the most prestigious in the world. Land a job at SNU or Yonsei and there are plenty of financial perks, like a 60 million KRW salary ($50k.)

9. Nurse

Finally, perhaps the most shocking member of this list: nurses. In some countries, working nurses can end up homeless due to their poor salaries and crippling work loads. However, nurses are by-and-large respected in Korea. Korea is a traditional patriarchial society, and so many women become nurses in order to be treated as equals with their male associates. Nurses can earn 44 million KRW, approx. 37k.

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