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Top 3 Cafes in Seoul That Are A Must Try

Guess what’s the first thing everyone searches on Google about when they are planning to visit a place after solving the residential problem? The place to eat, of course! We all tend to look for the restaurants and food corners of a new place because food is the second most crucial element of staying alive. And if you don’t find quality food around your place, you feel like your whole visit has become a total mess. To help you with this important decision while you are visiting Korea, we have picked 3 best cafes in Seoul city. Nevertheless, these are not your usual cafeterias to take a sip of coffee or enjoy ordinary fast food. From the theme to the menu, everything is quite unusual and unlikely about these places.

It’s time to stop with the suspense and get real. Let’s start with our first one.

Banana Tree Café

As the name suggests, the Banana Tree Café is a small yet a trendy place in Seoul that is swiftly becoming a top priority for youngsters. The whole idea of this unique place is its ecofriendly environment and menu.

This cafeteria offers food having a blend of eatable plants and fruits with a special concentration on Bananas. The interesting part is, they serve the food in small planters with a flower’s topping on it to give it a real plant look.

Good thing is, there are three branches in different parts of the city at Sinsa (Garosu-gil), Hannam (Itaewon), and Lotte Department Store Star City branch. You can call to confirm your order at +82 2-3442-6050.

Plant Café Seoul

You may already have gotten an idea that this café is about plant-based food. You are quite right but that’s not it. Plant Café Seoul flaunts a wide range of vegetable cuisines equally, if not more, delicious to meat ones.

This place could serve as a very good option for fitness and organic died freaks. From salads to fast foods and to main courses like Biryani and curries, Plant Café has got everything covered. Another unique thing about their menu is the drink section where they offer all kinds of beverages including organic drinks.

We recommend you try visiting this place at Itaewon-dong 130-43 2F Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The telephone number is 02-749-1981

Cafe Layered

Boasting both international and Korean cuisines, Café Layered has quite a diverse menu than you will find in any other café in Seoul. According to the reviews and rating all over the internet and social media, it is one of the top priority of youth.

Since it is basically a breakfast place, it offers a variety of sweet and salty stuff for your morning intake. The green and cozy effect with a minimalist interior can for sure grab every visitor’s attention. Moreover, the location is a bonus for its sales besides the quality and taste of food it offers as it is located near the station.

People from all around the country come to Seoul and visit this place on a priority basis. Many tourist platforms online recommend Layered Café to the potential tourists. It’s at 2-3, Bukchon-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03059 South Korea. 

We truly hope you will visit at least one of our recommendations. Trust us when we say this, you will be thankful to us for introducing you to these amazing food places. Have a safe journey!