Titi Aiyanyo Receives Seoul Honorary Citizenship Award

The KoreabyMe community would like to congratulate one of our fellow writers, Titi Aiyanyo on receiving the Seoul Seoul Honorary Citizenship Award. She is the first Nigerian woman to receive the honor since it began in 1958.

What is the Seoul Honorary Citizenship Award?

Despite the name, actual citizenship is not issued to those who receive this award. Instead, the Seoul Honorary Citizenship is one of the highest honors that foreign nationals can receive in South Korea.

It recognizes foreign residents’ outstanding achievements that have contributed to the betterment of South Korean society. The award recognizes contributions in the fields of science, security, economy, the arts, and society. Or, in many cases, the award recognizes a combination of achievements in a variety of fields. This is the case with Titi Aiyanyo.

Who is Titi Aiyanyo?

Titi Aiyanyo is an amazing woman from Nigeria who has accomplished so much in her young life. However, she doesn’t keep her accomplishments to herself, as she is always eager to share all of her knowledge with those around her. Here at the KoreabyMe office, we have dubbed Titi as the ‘Naturalized Korean’. This is due to the extensive amount of knowledge she shares in her articles.

If you want tips and tricks for getting the most out of your life here in Korea, her articles are the best place to start. She’s got knowledge of everything from saving money to the best surfing spots in Yangyang. Click Here to read some articles by Titi Aiyanyo

Overall, South Korea is lucky to have such an intelligent and outgoing woman come and choose to call this place home.

Titi’s Accomplishments in Korea

Titi Aiyanyo came to Korea and enrolled in a master’s degree program at Korea University in 2015. After graduating with her second master’s degree, she entered the field of technological research. Her contributions at work have helped many domestic companies achieve success in foreign markets and has contributed overall to the strengthening of the Korean economy.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Titi is also actively engaged in the promotion of Korean culture. She has been a content writer for KoreabyMe and the Korea Tourism Organization, an active influencer, and is a member of Global Seoul Mates. To top it all off, she volunteers in her local community.

Congratulations Titi! After all of your hard work, you deserve this award so much!