Three Best Beauty and Lifestyle Influencers In Seoul You Should Follow

Before coming to Korea, I used to love watching vlogs in my free time. Well still until this day, I love watching vlogs while having breakfast or when I am having my afternoon coffee break. I especially like watch vlogs about South Korea. Such as everyday vlogs in Seoul, beauty trends in Korea, and fashion related videos. Or sometimes, I just love seeing the beautiful Seoul streets and the new cafes introduced by the vloggers. Before coming to Korea, these youtube videos where very helpful to me. After coming to Korea I was kind of familiar with a lot of things and places. So definitely if you are someone who would like to get to know Korea better you should watch those vloggers as well.


The first person that I would like to introduce you to is Joan Kim. It has been 4 years almost now that I started following Joan Kim youtube channel and Instagram. I discovered here through Youtube when I was looking for a review about a Korean product. Joan Kim has two channels and a beauty influencer. Joanday is a channel where Joan shares now here weekly vlogs about her life in Seoul, South Korea. Through this channel, she shares more about the trendy places or you should check in Seoul. The other one is her main channel which JoanKim where she share her favorite and new makeup and skin care products. She shares her honest review and empties.


I discovered Q2han videos also 4 years ago when I was looking up vlogs about Seoul. Q2han are actually two twins who share about their daily life in Korea, especially Seoul. Every week I have to get my dose of Q2han vlogs. They are hilarious and you can see how down to earth they are as people. Q2han are beauty and fashion influencer who you should definitely follow. They are up to date when it comes to fashion trends. Q2han have two channel as well. The first one called “Q2han” is for their daily life in Seoul. The second channel called “Wakeup QQ”which is my favorite to be honest is for their daily life in korea with occasional travel vlog. This channel is full of aesthetically pleasing vlogs.


AshleybChoi is an American Korean beauty influencer in Seoul, South Korea. I actually discovered Ashelybchoi through Joan kim’s vlogs. Ashley was actually a former k-pop idol from New York who shares what life in Seoul is like through her vlogs! What I love about Ashley is the fact that she shares a lot of Ashthetically pleasing cafes, great food spots and of course intagrammable places. She also keeps it really and share about her work and daily life in Seoul.

🇲🇦 Zineb El Fathi

Sharing my experience living in South Korea.