Things to do at Incheon Airport

You have a layover at Incheon Airport and don’t know what to do? Well, Incheon Airport has been voted one of the world’s top airport experiences, let me tell you why.

Shop till you drop

Explore the duty free section! who doesn’t love it?

The shopping here offers endless Duty Free areas, plus a range of bookstores, cosmetic shops, and souvenir stores. Just from the airport you can get a glimpse of Korean experience, offering super affordable K-beauty makeup and skincare treatments and local candy and drinks, so definitely check those out.

Explore the Korean culture

Every corner of the airport gives you a glimpse of the Korean culture. When i had a flight there once, they did a korean parade which surprised me.

Besides, the airport has a cultural museum where visitors can make their own handicrafts and peruse 5,000-year-old UNESCO artifacts while watching a traditional musical performance.

Rest at the spa

Traveling for hours can be pretty tiring, all you want to do is relax. Spa on Air, Incheon International Airport’s in-house spa, offers various massage options along with a sauna, shower booths, private sleeping rooms, meeting rooms and snack bars. Even more to that, the sauna is 24 hours open, allowing visitors to lounge around as long as they want. Head over to Spa on Air for a Korean jimjilbang (bathhouse) experience.

Explore the green gardens

Missing some greenery? Incheon Airport got your back. From flowers to cactuses and water plants, Incheon International Airport boasts various gardens with different themes around each wing of the airport. Always open, free of charge and eco-friendly, you might want to go pay a visit to these gardens to get away from the uber-modern vibe of the airport.

Coffee anyone?

Enjoy coffee made by a Robot at Terminal 2! Yes, a robot!

B:eat is a smart café packed with cutting-edge technology including advanced robots and mobile payment systems from Danal, the company that operates Dal.komm Coffee stores.

Coffee is made at a booth where a coffee machine and a robot are installed, while orders can be placed through the Beat coffee app or using a self-checkout machine and paying by credit card.

A cup of Americano is priced at 2,000 won, only half the average price at other coffeehouse chains. When a payment is made, the robot starts brewing coffee before bringing the drink to a pick-up point.

Location: Incheon International Airport, 3F Terminal 2, duty-free area (East: near gate 268 / West: near gate 231)

🇩🇿 Djedouani Amina

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