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The ultimate Tteokbokki experience in Cheongnyeon Dabang

Tteokbokki is one of the famous korean street foods. You must have probably tried tteokbokki before from street vendors, but have you experienced eating this meal in a special way ? In this article I will introduce to you Cheongnyeon Dabang, a place where you will have the ultimate tteokbokki experience in Korea.

Cheongnyeon Dabang

Cheongnyeon Dabang is a tteokbokki style restaurant in South Korea, that you can easily find in many cities. As the name indicates, Cheongnyeong Dabang refers to teenagers coffee shop. In fact if you ever visit there you will find the place always filled with youngsters and especially teenagers.

The Cheongyeon Dabang has a unique simple interior that I really appreciate whenever I visit. The walls are decorated with interesting illustrations about tteobokki which will give you a whole package experience.

Tteokbokki menu

The menu of Cheongnyeon Dabang is very interesting and diverse. The most fun part is that you can cook directly your meal. Every table has a stove that you can use along the process which is something very common in most of the korean restaurants.

I highly recommend you getting the set menu especially if you are eating with a group of people. You can pick your toppings , have a big size drink and side fries. If you don’t think it is enough you can always add side menus such as korean style friteries, mandu and fish cake.

My favourite menu

My favourite menu in the Cheongnyeon Dabang is the octopus set. It is my on the go whenever I go to eat tteokbokki there. This pick comes with a whole fried octopus, calamari ring , mandu, ramyun and of course tteokbokki with a very delecious sweet and mild sauce . I usually add extra cheese and finish up with fried rice to feel full.

Cheongnyeon Dabang Branches in Seoul

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