Makeup Spatula: Hottest Makeup Tool in K-Beauty This Summer

Today, I will introduce to you the hottest trend in K-Beauty, the spatula. It’s a trend that is becoming incredibly huge in the beauty industry. I have one myself, and my summer makeup routine has completely changed for the better.

What is The Spatula Trend?

No, this isn’t your kitchen spatula. Do not worry! The Spatula trend is pretty simple. It is a small metal spatula, typically stainless steel, that is used to apply your foundation. In comparison to other foundation application methods, this ensures that your foundation is applied thin and smooth. The thin layer of makeup will last you hours of wear with zero caking.

Makeup artists have used spatulas for years in professional settings. However, it has finally become more accessible to the consumers of K-beauty. Now, who would not want that in their beauty routine?

The foundation spatula is one of the most popular K-beauty products this summer. Not only because it provides you with a thin base that will stick and last the entire day, but it’s also easy to use and clean up after! There are brands out there picking up quickly on the trend, such as WAKEMAKE and Picasso, that have come out with their own spatulas.

How Do I Use It?

Using the spatula is extremely simple. It may seem difficult when you first try it. However, it gets easier with every application. Here are a few simple steps on how to use the makeup spatula:

  • Firstly, you place a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand. It is important to use just a little, as you do not want to waste the product, and a very small amount is needed with this application method.

As for me, I usually use half a pump of my foundation. Remember, the key here is to apply a thin layer for a natural base. Coverage can be done using concealer later on.

  • Secondly, gently glide the edge of your spatula across the foundation. You should have a very small amount of foundation just on the edge of the spatula and not on its flat surface.

This ensures that you have the right amount of foundation to apply. Less is always more!

  • Thirdly, using a little pressure, glide the spatula vertically across one side of your face.

It is important that you apply your foundation in parts. Doing one side of your face first prevents the makeup from settling quickly. Doing this prevents blending difficulties, unevenness, and patchy makeup.

  • Lastly, use a damp Beauty Blender or sponge to blend in the foundation seamlessly. Once, you are done with one side, you may proceed to repeat the steps on the other side of your face.

And you are now done with your base makeup! I also use a foundation spatula to apply my under-eye concealer, and it turns out great. Once your base is complete, you may proceed to set it how you usually would and continue with the rest of your makeup routine.

Final Thoughts on the Spatula Trend?

Personally, I feel like the spatula can be used with any type of foundation. The main purpose of this tool is to help you create a thin and flawless natural finish. I bought mine on Coupang, and it was just as good as the popular makeup brands out there that have them. It was a lot cheaper than the branded spatulas, too.

Personally, I bought the BunjangMall Lebelly Makeup Spatula set from Coupang for less than 12,000 Won. You can find it below.

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