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The Secret to Korean Graphics: Miri Canvas

If you’re in Korea, you may notice that all advertisements, graphics, and presentations have a similar aesthetic. They are clean-cut, colorful, and eyecatching. But, how is everyone making these dynamic signature Korean designs? The secret is Miri Canvas.


While people around the world use Google or Microsoft to create graphics for work, school, or Instagram, that might not cut it in Korea.

Korea is internationally known for its aesthetics. As such, Koreans are raised to have an eye for design. Plus, with a culture of high competitiveness, you have to go all out in if you don’t want to be left behind. If you are living in Korea, sub-par design skills can result in low academic evaluations and trouble at work.

Often in Korea, graphic design is not limited to those working or studying the field. In nearly every profession or major, you will find yourself having to create presentations or content for social media.

The Korean Graphic Aesthetic

If you have ever been to a class with Korean students, you might notice that their slides always look very professional and aesthetically pleasing. However, they are not extraordinarily unique. They all align with a certain style.

If you are not a student, you can notice the same Korean presentation aesthetic on Instagram. Instagram accounts based in Korea use similar templates and graphics for their info cards and Instagram stories.

Both on Instagram and in professional spaces, the design principles are the same. Bold, highly saturated images with simple color palates are background to text in one or two colors with a sharp outline. Then, perhaps a few graphic images draw focus to the text.

What Sets Miri Canvas Apart

Most of the graphics and advertisements you’ll see in Korea come from Miri Canvas. It is the site that most Korean people use as a tool to help them create simple yet eye-catching graphics, slides, and images. 

Miri Canvas is relatively similar to Canva in a sense. It provides plenty of similar tools and largely has all the same functions. However, Miri Canvas is especially suitable for use in Korea as it has plenty of beautiful Hangeul fonts. Naturally, this is something that is more difficult to come by when you use the Microsoft suite or the Google tools. I also prefer the graphics on Miri Canvas compared to the ones on Canva, which come across as a little too childish for Korean tastes.

My Experience Using Miri Canvas

As a university student in Korea, I am often required to make presentation slides in Korean. I enjoy making the best-looking slides possible. As an international student, it is a good way to demonstrate a high degree of effort when your speaking abilities are lower than that of your peers.

And so, I spend my time looking for a good color palette and good fonts. I try to make everything look seamless, yet aesthetically pleasing. It was harder when I was using Google Slides. After switching to Miri Canvas, I find making presentation slides a lot easier, quicker, and more satisfactory compared to before. 

The one flaw of Miri Canvas is that it is entirely in Korean. Although I could argue that people who need to use it probably have high Korean proficiency. If you’re making a presentation in Korean, chances are you won’t have trouble navigating the platform.

How to Use Miri Canvas

To begin designing something on Miri Canvas, you should first decide what size you need your canvas to be. Different sizes can result in many different outcomes. But, if you’re not sure how to proceed, a good way would be to just refer to the templates available on the sidebar menu. You can pick something similar to what you would like your final result to look like. 

Next, it’s time to enter your own text. Based on whatever project or assignment you’re designing for you can go with something fun, or plainer. Some people change the font or add extra elements as they go along. However, others prefer to focus on design elements after all the content has been entered.

Most of the functions are available on the sidebar and the overall design of the website allows users to play around with it. Overall, follow your instincts! It is a simple to use platform, no real prior training is needed to learn to use Miri Canvas. 

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