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Often called as The City of Beaches, Gangneung is never a wrong choice to travel if you desire a healing, relaxing trip. And, what’s more relaxing than enjoying the breathtaking scenes of calming, tranquil seas? This amazing city is located in the Province of Gangwon-do, with two-hour-and-fifty-minute distance from Seoul.

Jumunjin Beach- filming location of BTS album

First thing first, we visited Jumunjin Beach which were within a stone’s throw from Jumunjin Intercity Bus Terminal, the place where we got off.

One famous tourist spot of Jumunjin Beach is BTS Bus Stop – the filming location of their album Bom-nal(봄날), undeniably a perfect photo zone for Armies. For those who are not familiar with BTS, they are actually one of the most popular boy-group Kpop idols worldwide.

Anmok Beach and Coffee Street

The next beach that I would like to introduce is Anmok Beach. Anmok Beach is also called as Gangneung Coffee Street because of the plenty of beautiful, unique beach-view cafes located just alongside Anmok Beach.

We walked in a coffee shop named Santorini, which just as the name it takes after, decorated blue-white according to the theme of Santorini. We chose to sit near the windows so we could enjoy our hand-drip coffee and cakes while enjoying the sea views.

After taking a good rest in the coffee shop, you could go take a stroll along the beach which is right in front of the coffee street.

The sky looks somehow blurred because unfortunately it was raining the day we visited the place.

Jeongdongjin Beach- where sun rises

This is where you could enjoy sunrise and beautiful colorful sky view that you could never ever see in a busy city.

Jeongdongjin Beach is located just near the Jeongdongjin Train Station. You could even see the beach from the station platform. If you wish to watch sunrise, it will be perfect if you book your accommodation near the train station.

Besides you could also take the KTX from Jeongdongjin to Gangneung station to enjoy a 15-minute long beach view from within the train. That was indeed breathtaking! Make sure to secure a window seat for a better view!

Yongjin Beach- Filiming location of Guardian

Last but not least, Yongjin Beach is a must-go “Hot Place” to be visited in a Gangneung Trip. If you are a Korean Drama lover, you probably would know one of the most popular dramas aired in 2016 named Guardian starring Gong-yoo and Kim Go-eun. Yongjin Beach is exactly where the famous scene in the drama was filmed.

If you are not a big fan of K-drama, you could also have a picnic at the beach or have a high tea at the coffee shop near the beach!

See how people lined up just to take photos at the filming location.

That’s all for our beach exploration in Gangneung. Guess what, visiting beaches doesn’t cost even a penny! Actually there are many more beautiful beaches that are worth a visit in Gangneung, but we just didn’t have much time:( Hope you enjoy reading this!

P/s : Gangneung has very limited public transports with long bus interval. Please check the bus time carefully while planning the trip. Or you could simply take a taxi and that is pretty much convenient as compared to taking bus:) Kindly check out Gangneung Tourism Website for more information. ( and check out other blogs for food and other tourist attractions in Gangneung!

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