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The Hyundai Mall: A Guide To Retail Therapy Shopping In Seoul

The Hyundai Mall is a recently launched department store that combines recreation and shopping in Seoul. It is literally a shopper’s paradise because some of the biggest brands in the world have opened up their outlets here. And the mall also has multiple green spaces and recreational spots so the Hyundai Seoul Mall is a place for the whole family to enjoy.

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This mall is located at 108 Yeoui-daero, Yeoui-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

If you are in Seoul, then you can get to the mall by catching the subway from Yongsan to Singsil Station. Then get bus number 360 from Singsil Station to Park One Tower in Yeouido. Get off from the bus at Park One Tower and you will find Hyundai Seoul just 2 minutes walk away.

The timings are from 10:30 am in the mornings to 8 pm at night.

A mall with a unique design structure

This mall is the biggest, most spacious department store in Korea which makes it perfect for a socially-distanced shopping experience. In fact, to ensure the safety and comfort of all customers the mall was designed with corridors that are up to 8 meters wide.

source: majid mushtaq

Aside from that the mall also has an open ceiling that allows natural sunlight to stream in so that people do not experience the usual time disorientation that happens in a typical mall because of the absence of windows.

But the most unique design element is the absence of supporting pillars inside the mall. Instead the red cranes on the outside keep the structure standing and because there are no pillars inside it gives the whole mall a feeling of elegant spaciousness and a very modern, minimalistic look.

Shopping at all the big brands in Seoul

Hyundai Seoul has also introduced robots guides according to their socially-distanced shopping concept. These helpful robots provide directions to the various attractions in the mall like the Waterfall Garden.

Hyundai Seoul has attracted some of the best world-class brands from around the globe. Tech giant Microsoft opened its very own outlet at the mall. High Fashion brands including Gucci and Prada have also been quick to open up branches here.

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Lego is here too! Kids are going to make a beeline towards this iconic toy brand for sure. This is guaranteed to be a great place to visit on a kid’s birthday.

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Sounds Forest- a serene nature getaway in the middle of Hyundai Seoul

Hyundai Seoul also boasts a massive indoor park on the 5th floor. This is a relaxing space filled with real grass and trees right in the middle of the mall so that shoppers can connect back with nature and take an energizing break during a shopping spree.

source; majid mushtaq

I have to say the view of the Sounds Forest from above is just breathtaking.

Retail therapy shopping in Seoul

The reason why Hyundai has invested in such a beautiful green space within the mall is to let visitors experience some retail therapy. The idea behind retail therapy is to include recreational and nature gardens in the mall because staying connected with nature is really important in this fast and modern world.

source: majid mushtaq

So, the Hyundai Seoul Mall is a place where visitors can not only shop at some of the most well-known brands but can also interact with nature and experience the calming effect it has on the mind.

There are also multiple eateries here so that shoppers can enjoy a quick snack in between. These outlets offer some really great options like organic burgers and authentic and traditional Italian pizza.

Final comments

Overall, I think Hyundai Seoul offers a really good place to hang-out with family and friends in Yeouido. Not only do you get to shop at high-quality stores but you can also spend time having tea and gossiping with a friend in the Sound Garden.

source: majid mushtaq

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