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The Garden of Lights – DPIRANG, Tongyeong

Tongyeong city holds a special place for Koreans as it is symbolic of their patriotism. People believe that it has the spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, and it is generally one of the prettiest cities. It is also known as ‘The Land of Sea’ and people from all over the world come to check out this city full of amazing natural landscapes. It is also Korea’s number one fishing city and marine tourism city.  Earlier the city lacked one thing, a nighttime tourist attraction. People visiting Tongyeong only had activities and places to visit during the day time, there was no crowd at the night time. So the city decided to create its own ‘wonderful night city’ – Dpirang.

With this in mind, Dpirang came to the place. It is in Namangsan Sculpture Park, and it transforms into this magical theme park at night. Dpirang – the garden of light is an attraction for both adults and kids. 

Source: Majid Mushtaq

The story of Dpirang is that the erased murals of Dongpirang and Seopirang come to life and hold a festival here at night. This new digital technology theme park is an immersion park as well. The story and history of Donpirang and Seopirang, add immersion of the visitors to Dpirang, as these are the main attraction of Tongyeong. 

The digital park functions t night, but even if you get there a little early, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. As you wait for your turn to enter Dpirang, you will see a gift shop right behind you. There are a variety of different items representing Tongyeong and Dpirang that you can buy. 

As the sun goes down, the trip begins officially. The trees lit up, increasing everybody’s excitement. At the entrance board, you can see Dpirang, which means Namangsan Digital Pirang. The budget for creating this wondrous night-time attraction in Tongyeong was 6 billion dollars. 

The highlight is the artwork feature by reinterpreting the work of representative artists like Jeon Hyeok-rim and Jagaejang Kim Jong-ryang. The lights highlight the characteristics of Tongyeong. 

Dpirang welcomes its visitors by playing a visually aesthetic video on its wall of life. The visuals of popping colors harmonize with the music. The music used here is the three strings of Namhaean Byeolsingut, an orchestra. The fusion of traditional music and modern art leaves you awestruck. 

After finally, entering the map you will see many attractions that you can hear, feel, see, and experience. It includes The Orchestra of Life, The Echo Village, The Secret Workshop, The Sea of Pictures, The Mysterious Waterfall, The Light Net, The Old Camellia, and The Sparkling Forest. There is so much to do in this park that you can get lost for hours without realizing it.

As you go inside the guardian deity who has kept this place safe for many years, Pirang will come out to introduce you. The deity also asks questions like where the disappeared murals went, inviting curiosity, as this is the theme of the park. 

source: MAjid mushtaq

In the sparkling forest, you can see plants that emit lights and also sparkling fruit trees. As you reach the old camellia, bring the light ball you get at the entrance closer to it. You can then see the story unwind on this tree. 

source: majid mushtaq

The light net is one of the best spots in the park; delicate netting on the trees makes the place look magical. The mystery fall is another amazing spot. The moment you enter this space, there is the sound of the waterfall and calming music. The area is heavily decorated and has its aura enhanced with lights. 

In Dpirang there is a place where you can see a panoramic view of the city from a telescope. However, it is not just a view of the city, when you look at the telescope you will see a whole new world. It is a great attraction for children, but adults can’t help but be amazed by it. 

The secret workshop uses projection mapping to interpret the artwork of famous Tongyeong artists. The pictures keep changing and it is hard to leave this space. After the secret workshop when you enter the echo village, it is cool to hear the voice of the audience and the well-lit trees. 

source: majid mushtaq

The crystal ball you got as you enter Dpirang creates murals and fun festivals if you touch it to square space. All the visitors in the park take a lot of pictures everywhere as the place is completely Instagram worthy and magical. If you want to visit more Instagram worthy places, click here. As you are leaving the place, little fairies say good-bye to you.

Dpirang is the newest emerging night time attraction spot in Tongyeong. The place is already a hit even though it is still new. In the first 15 days of its opening, there were more than 10,000 visitors. 

It is still too early to call it a mega-hit tourist attraction, but it has a lot of potentials. You should visit this amazing and one of a kind theme park in Tongyeong soon.

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