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The Fried Chicken Culture in Korea

If there’s anything you should know about Korea it’s that the chicken craze here is for real. Chicken shops here in Korea are always packed with customers during the night because fried chicken is a staple food. I was not particularly a fan of fried chicken before coming to Korea but one bite of Korean fried chicken flipped my world upside down. You might also know that Koreans tend to drink beer with chicken all the time and surprisingly they make a great pair as a sip of beer in between bites of chicken is definitely really refreshing.

Types of Korean fried chicken

When you think of fried chicken you’d probably picture some basic fried chicken that tastes pretty mediocre. Here in Korea, there’s no such thing as mediocre flavors. There are so many different flavors to choose from as they range from spicy, sweet, and sour, cream onion to slightly weird ones like marshmallow chicken, chocolate chicken, and candy chicken. What flavor do you crave? Just name it and you’ll get it.

Price range for Fried Chicken

As a college student, I tend to opt for cheaper food options to save money so eating fried chicken almost every week might not seem ideal. However, it is no problem to find a place that sells delicious fried chicken for a cheap price because the prices in Korea vary from place to place. The price of chicken can vary from 8,000 won for a whole chicken to 16,000 won depending on the shop and flavor of the chicken. This is honestly a deal as a serving at the very least would only cost 4,000 won. Ordering one whole chicken for yourself might come as a shock for you at first. You can always pack the leftovers and heat it in the microwave for your next meal. Just say 이거 좀 포장해 주세요 to the employees and they will pack it up for you right away.

Fried Chicken Shops

There is a countless number of fried chicken shops in Korea to the point that you may have trouble to choose which one to go to. There definitely are a few differences in taste and price from shop to shop. Some shops sell authentic Korean fried chicken which might not suit your taste if you are a foreigner. There are also shops that sell fried chicken that might suit foreigners’ taste buds. For example, there is Ho Chicken, Nene Chicken, BHC Chicken, and Mexicana Chicken.

Food Delivery service

Too lazy to leave your bed? No worries cause food delivery has got your back. You can eat any type of chicken you want all at the comfort of your bed. All you have to do is download any one of the various food delivery apps on your phone and fried chicken will be delivered to your doorstep. It normally takes 40 mins to 1 hour for the food to arrive. The delivery fees sometimes range from free delivery to 3000 won at most.

Famous Food Delivery apps



This app does not require much identification and allows you to pay in cash. Therefore this was one of the earliest apps that I used when I first reached Korea. You can still enjoy food delivery service with this app if you are a foreigner who just arrived in Korea and you are still settling down without your Registration Card or Korean phone number.

Coupang Eats

This app is super convenient to use if you already have a Coupang account as it will link your Coupang account information to the food delivery account. There’s no hassle in filling up your info or account details as it will auto-fill it up for you. This app also has a tracker so that you can track your food after you have placed an order. Compared to the other apps the delivery time is also really short and sometimes takes only 20 minutes for your food to arrive at your doorstep.


Baedal Minjok

This app has a lot of variety of shops to choose from. So if you’re sick of your same order you can find other shops easily. However to use this app you will need to have a Korean phone number so just watch out for that.

Halal options

If you are a Muslim it may be a little hard to find halal food options especially for fried chicken but don’t worry I’m here to tell you where you can get halal options.

Yell-o Chicken

This is a frequent among my Muslim friends as this shops even provides food delivery service. It is located at Itaewon at 14 Usadan-ro 10-gil, Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The chicken there tastes so good and exactly like the non halal fried chicken so if you’re craving fried chicken but can only eat halal then this is the place to go. The price ranges from 9,900 won for a size small and 17,900 for a size large.