The Chillest Study Cafe in Korea: Lang Study Cafe

Have you ever tried studying at a study cafe? A study cafe is not a library, nor is it a public cafe. In Korea, a study cafe, sometimes also called a study room, is a privately owned business. Koreans often use them for self-study. What I see most often, they usually come to study and prepare for certification exams, listen to online classes or seminars, do assignments, etc. Users are not only young people or students, there are plenty of adults as well. Because learning is not limited by age. Whatever your needs are, Lang Study Cafe has something for you!

Characteristics of a Korean Study Cafe

A study cafe is a place exclusively for studying. The payment depends on the time the customer uses it. Besides paying the rent hours, customers can use the existing facilities for free. But, some also have food and drinks. Normally this will cost extra, and each place is different in pricing.

Broadly speaking, study cafes in Korea have that kind of character, but different places can also have different ways of managing them. Some places only rent study rooms, some have discussion rooms, and some have separate computer rooms. The point is while using the study room, you should not be noisy. If you want to speak with others, you may rent a discussion room.

It’s also important to check if the study cafe allows the use of a personal laptop for typing. Please note that Korea distinguishes between a study room (only for reading books and studying) with a computer room (using a computer or laptop for typing and mouse clicking). Using a mouse or typing on a laptop is considered distracting or noisy. I didn’t know about this when I first came to Korea, so someone come and let me know about it.

Lang Study Cafe, Cheonan Terminal Branch

Lang Study Cafe, Cheonan Terminal branch, has a 2-floor study room. There are study desk chairs with electric plugs and lighting. On the first floor, there are food and beverage counters, a printer, and some study desk chairs. There are two types of desk chairs. One is a desk which is designed for 2 people that you can sit opposite each other. The other one is an individual desk for customers who come alone. The individual desks have a window view. Meanwhile, the second floor only has individual desks, for those who need privacy.

Each floor is allowed to use a laptop for studying and typing. Before going to the location, I asked first via phone. It turned out that typing was not a problem. So glad to hear that! When I went to Lang Study Cafe Cheonan, there was also another customer who was typing on his laptop.

Lang Study Cafe Guidelines

If you look at the ‘guidelines’ picture, this study cafe provides information in Korean and English about using the study cafe. I could choose the desired time range, between 1 hour, 3 hours, 8 hours, or 1 day. Then I got a user card. The fees were automatically added to the card when using the venue for more than the selected hours. The card was also charged when I made food and beverage orders. Therefore, all payments are made at the end, after returning the user card before leaving.

My Impression

I am so happy to find a study cafe in Cheonan. The location is strategic because it is in the center of Cheonan and I can use a laptop for typing. These are the two most important points for me. Apart from that, the service is good. Honestly, I was confused about what to do when I first came to this place, but the staff were friendly and explained everything in detail.

Why did I choose to study at the study cafe? Because self-study at home is easy to fall into laziness. Incidentally, I also couldn’t study at a public cafe because of the cafe. I don’t do well with music playing and customers talking to each other. The study café gives has the perfect ambiance for me. I felt that the study café was designed like a study room in a library. I was motivated to study because I saw other people studying too.

Anyway, everyone must have their own preference in studying. How about you?


While I went to Lang Study Cafe in Cheonan, there are many locations spread throughout Korea. Every location has the same rules, pricing, and atmosphere. You can just search ‘랭스터디카페’ on either Kakao or Naver maps and the location nearest to you will appear.

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