The Best Tacos in Busan: Taquería Pendejo

I previously made a list of three Latin restaurants in Busan, going from the most expensive to the most affordable. Such a list named Taquería Pendejo as the most affordable one to go out and eat. Now, I will talk about this place in detail.

Taquería Pendejo

So yes, for those who speak Spanish, this really is the name of the restaurant. The owners know EXACTLY what they have done jaja. On their Instagram page, you will find the description ‘Taquería run by Pendejo’.

Now, something to make clear is that yes, this place sells tacos, yet it is not 100% Mexican food. Although it is based on Mexican cuisine. This restaurant is based on the American version of the Tacos de Birria, which has then been adapted based on ingredients that are available in South Korea.  So, although these aren’t Mexican tacos, they aren’t trying to be. And, they have created a delicious fusion masterpiece.

Also, the owner of this place learned how to cook tacos back when he lived in The United States from Latin people. Therefore you can trust their skills and the fact that the flavor will be delicious. As a Mexican myself, I am extremely impressed.

The Menu

Their menu is really simple, there are only four things available to eat on their menu.   

  •  Birria Tacos for ₩3,600
  • Quesabirria for ₩4,100
  • Consomme (a soup made from spices) for ₩2,000
  • Birria Ramen for ₩3,500

For drinks, they have your usual coke and soda. For alcohol, they have Mexican beers Corona and Dos Equis, as well as Korean beer from Gorilla Brewing, Gorilla IPA. They also offer tequila shots.

Something I really loved about this place is the number of salsas they have for you to use. Their house salsa is to die for!! But I did not like that the piece of lime to put on your tacos is really thin and can barely cover all your food.

The Place

The decoration of the place is really pretty. It is a combination of Mexican-American style. They have pieces of art on the walls and there is a world map on where anyone can write a message or just say “x country was here”.

Although the decoration of the place is colorful and cool, the space of the place is a bit uncomfortable. The place is really small, there are two tables at the back for 4 to 5 people each, yet you sit a bit cramped. A small sofa for two and another bar for 2 or 3 people next to the door and you may get into people’s path. 

Overall, since it is near Gwangalli Beach, I would recommend you to ask for takeout and enjoy it as a picnic at the beach. Or if you want to eat there, go with time since it gets busy.

Taquería Pendejo (뺀데호)

Address:   33-13 Millak-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan
Korean Address: 부산 수영구 광안해변로307번길 25-2 1층
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 08:00 PM
Closed: Wednesdays


I do really recommend it, it is delicious, affordable,e and perfect for a beach day. If I could, I would go every week.

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