The Best Stationery Stores in South Korea

It’s time to stop procrastinating! If you really want to get motivated to study as soon as possible, cute stationery is what you need. For that reason, we are about to introduce you to some of the best stationery stores in South Korea.

south korea, the paradise for stationery fans

Have you ever wondered why a lot of Korean students keep their notes pretty? For countries that focus a lot on studying, like South Korea, having stationery items is definitively something that it’s not as unnecessary as many people think.

cute notes = productivity

Taking care of every detail in your notes, might help you out to keep focused and motivate yourself to read them over and over again with the proudness of what have you just created.

Who would ever want to read boring or messy notes done by pencil? Specially if you’re a person that has to study for long periods of time, implementing the habit of using stationery in your daily life, will definitively turn this task into an enjoyable one!


Get ready to turn your boring notes into whimsical and colorful ones, since South Korea didn’t miss the chance of creating different types of appealing stationery items to feed your eagerness of buying cute stuff.

what can i expect?

From adorable stickers, to practical and stylish office products, the stores we are about to introduce are filled with a big variety of eye-catching items that will turn your work or study place into your comfort zone.

It is time to get your eyes sparkle! Since we are about to introduce you some of the most fantastic Korean Stationery Stores you can find either online, or physically in South Korea ㅡ Beware! You’re about to get addicted!

Physical Stationery Stores

1. 핫트랙스 (Kyobo HOTTRACKS)


This place is the paradise for sure! They go beyond any other store because it’s not just a simple stationery store, but also a bookstore.

What can i find?

Since it is both stationery and bookstore, you can freely either read or buy the books that are of your interest. Besides that, you can find gadgets, home supplies and home decoration items; in some of them, you can even buy high quality glasses and fashion accessories!

my personal opinion

Personally, it’s one of my favorite stationery stores in South Korea, and the one I recommend the most. Just before going in, you can immediately realize how popular it is by the quantity of people you will probably see getting their shopping baskets filled up.

Just make sure to have your membership card ready, because in this store, you will be fascinated by so many cute products that you might not even think about money anymore!

how to get there

Going for the first time, can be a little bit confusing because of the name. The stationery store is called Hottracks (핫트랙스), but it is actually inside of Kyobo Bookstore, therefore, you will find this place under the name of Kyobo (교보문고). According to your location, you just need to copy-paste the korean name in order to find it through the map of your choice.

2. 아트박스 (ARTBOX)


If your weakness are cute diaries, then this store is definitely for you!

what can i find inside?

Of course, they do not only sell diaries. The biggest ARTBOX stores have up to three floors, therefore, you can find from cute stationery items, to home supplies.

Besides, you can find skin care products, hair accessories and supplies, home and office supplies, toys, and a variety of eye-catching products awaiting to be bought by you. They also have different types of machines, such as photo printers and candy machines. I have even seen fortune-telling machines before!

seasonal items

What makes it different from other stationery stores in South Korea, is that you can find seasonal items also! So, if you’re worried about not having the perfect gift for a specific day, you should check out this store.

I took these pictures during the famous Peppero day (11.11). Aside from selling chocolates, postcards and plushies to give to your loved ones, they also sold DIY products so you can make your own chocolates. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

photo spots

If you are the type of person that likes taking tons of pictures, you will like the bigger ARTBOX stores instead, just like the one in Myeongdong; since they have photo zones where you can get a good selfie with their representative characters.

korean souvenirs

This is a must-visit place in case you want to get some official korean souvenirs when coming as a tourist. It might not be the cheapest ones, however, the quality is pretty good.

My personal opinion

I have found some of the prettiest planners here. Just look at the pictures! Everything is so shiny and colorful that is impossible to not take at least one with you.


Once downloading the app of Kakao Maps, you just simply need to click the following map.

3. 무유무유 (MU:U MU:U)


Located in the famous Hongdae area (홍대거리), you can find the cutest stickers, stationery items and even jewelry here!


As a personal opinion, I think this place has the best stickers, so if you’re walking around that area, I strongly recommend you to take a look!

how to get there

Once downloading the app of Kakao Maps, you just simply need to click the following map.


These stores are pretty well known, therefore, let’s not forget to also visit local stationery stores!

In case you are in South Korea, you can just type 문구점 into the map of your preference to find the nearest one to you.

Online Stationery Shops in South Korea

The biggest benefit of online shops, is that there’s more possibility to get tons of coupons and discounts after downloading their apps; thus if you are an expat who already has set up either a Kakao Pay or NAVER Pay account to accumulate points.

Aside from that, products tend to arrive relatively fast to your doorstep. Even if you are a tourist, you can in fact, still order from some of these stores with your VISA card.

1. 텐바이텐 (10X10)

Google Play | App Store

Once you download this app, there’s no way around it! Briefly, You’re about to fill up your cart in just one second thanks to the appealing products they have.

what can i find?

This online shop is so complete that you can find ANYTHING ㅡ Even trendy clothes!

They tend to have a lot of discount events, so if you’re in a budget, you might want to try and go gather all the coupons you can while it lasts!

right to your doorstep

The products tend to arrive well protected, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than buying all your wanted items fast, before they run out of stock. Additionally, there are physical stationery stores in different cities of South Korea.

2. 천삼백케이 (1300K)

Google Play | App Store

what can i find?

Online Shops tend to have more variety to buy, so it is just personal preference whether you want to order from 10×10, this store or another one. For instance, if one of your wanted items is out of stock somewhere else, you might be able to find it here and viceversa.

But what I assure you, is that this shop gives out a lot of coupons! And sometimes, you can find cheaper stationery here compared to big stores. For instance, my personal suggestion is to check it out and compare prices!

3. Fall in Design

If you live overseas, this online shop is for you! In other words, they ship worldwide, so no need to worry.

what can i find?

The trendiest korean stationery items. Surprisingly, they are always updating their products according to the current trends in South Korea. Certainly, lots of cute stationery that I have found in Hottracks, I have also found it in this online shop.

my personal opinion

If you like following Korean trends when decorating your notes, I highly suggest to get products from Korean stores like this one!

Once you have already bought your wanted stationery items, you’re ready to add a touch of you to each of your notes and boost up your productivity!

Other Stationery Shops for you to Check Out!

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