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The Best Moving Service in Korea: Zim Car

If you’re considering moving in Korea, you’ll soon find that moving to a new apartment is an absolute nightmare. Once you’ve finally gone through the hellscape that is finding an apartment and have signed all the paperwork, it’s time to pack everything you own into boxes and move. The problem is, that most people in Korea don’t have a car or a driver’s license. And, finding a cheap, foreigner-friendly moving company? Don’t get me started. Luckily there is an easy-to-use, cheap, faceless app that is perfect for moving in Korea.

Introduction to Moving in Korea

When I was about to move to a new place, I spent a lot of time researching how I would move my things. When you live in a tall building, they may or may not have an elevator it can be quite dangerous, or even impossible to move everything yourself. And so, I would need someone to help me move items up and down stairs.

Additionally, I don’t have a car or a Korean driver’s license. So, I would not only need a moving truck, but also a driver’s license. Plus, I am a foreigner. I speak decent Korean, but it can be an obstacle in certain circumstances.

Luckily, while searching for moving companies, I came across a moving company called Zim Car (짐카). For most moves, the service would cost anywhere between 50,000 won to 1,000,000 won depending on what you needed. Which, was an extremely reasonable price.

How to Use Zim Car

After downloading and opening the app, it will have the screen as shown in the picture above. You will have 3 services for you to choose from.

Moving Option 1: Goods Transport 화물운송만

For this option, the driver will only be responsible for driving the car to carry things for me. As for packing and moving my things, I have to do it myself. You press select the item, fill in the information, and then it will let you choose the vehicles 다마스, 라보, 1톤 트럭, … 25톤 트럭 (sizes can be viewed online for easy understanding). You can see the cost of each below. It is written in 10,000 won. So, 3.5 is actually 35,000, 4 is 40,0000, etc. Then I proceed with the date and time of the transfer. As for me, if I choose a car, it will only take 30,000 won to go a 2Km distance.

Moving Option 2: One Room, Two Room 원룸, 투룸

The driver will carry things for you, carry them, or even pack and unpack them depending on your choice. First, the first thing you need to do is fill in the information and choose the date and time of the transfer and the items you want to transfer.

In my case, I tried to transport 10 boxes and move within 2km. It would have cost 60,000 for just a truck and a driver. The second option: 일반이사 was 99,000 (truck, driver, carrying boxes to and from the apartments and the truck). Next, for 130,000 I would have a moving truck, driver, someone to carry boxes, and someone would pack all of my things. Lastly, for 156,000 I wouldn’t have to lift a finger. A team would come, pack-up all my things, move them to my new house, and set up my new apartment for me.

Option 3: Family Move 가정이사

This option is for families moving over 5 tons, including large pieces of furniture and multiple boxes. If you are moving with your family to a standard apartment, this is the option for you.

Once you select this option, you will be asked to put detailed information about the furniture and the number of boxes you will be moving. When I tried it out, I put down a standard fridge, a three-person sofa, a king bed, and 20 boxes for a 2Km distance of 2 Km. The price was between 193,000 and 313, 000 depending on the option I would choose.


This is by far the cheapest option I have found for moving within South Korea. It’s amazing that you have the option to choose what you want in detail so that you don’t have any surprise costs. Plus, you can choose to have the entire move done for you! You can just show up at your new home with everything already unpacked. Talk about reducing stress!

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