Seoullo 7017

The Beautiful ‘Sky Garden’ Seoullo 7017

One of the most wonderful and mesmerizing spots for tourists, Seoullo 7017 is a pedestrian pathway. It was originally an overpass that is now transformed into a beautiful garden like walking path. It connects Namdaemun Market to Seoul Station Square, and also Malli-dong. There are many attraction points along the pathway, so if you want to experience something completely different then you must visit Seoullo 7017.

The place invites people to take a long walk in this plant village. It is home to 50 different plant families. The park is 938 meters long, which you can easily cover in 30 minutes. If you get tired on your way then you can stop at different observation points and look at other observations from above.

From where did the name ‘Seoullo 7017’ come?

The name relates to the history of this place. Seoullo 7017 was made as a solution to Seoul’s growing traffic in the year 1970. However, after decades of connecting the city’s western and eastern halves, it was remodeled into a Pedestrian Park in 2017.

70 in the name represents the year it was originally made in and 17 indicates its remodeling year. The number 17 in the name is also a representation of the pedestrian paths present on Seoul 7017.

The place is open for both driving and walking tours. You can either enjoy a long ride or take a brisk walk with your loved ones in this amazing park.

Walking Paths – Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017 has five different walking paths for its visitors. These walking paths are called Rose Square, Magnolia Square, Toegyero Square, Mallidong square, and Hanyangdoseong-gil.

You can check out tourist attraction points from one level above, and the views are just wonderful. These attraction points include Namdaemun Market, Seoul Square, Namsan Seoul tower, etc.

Amazing Picture Spots at Seoullo 7017

There are so many picture spots spread throughout the path. One of the best ones is Seoul Square Station. The pictures come out exceptionally well here also showcasing the busy walking path and station in the background.

The observatories at the Rose Square and Ivy Theater are also popular picture spots.

Experience Nature like Never Before

The nature at Seoullo 7017 is commendable; there are so many varieties of trees planted here. They are all done in Korean alphabetical order. There are more than 228 species of trees and 50 different kinds of flowers here. The sky Garden remains true to its name.


Rose Square of Seoullo 7017 is filled with different types and colors of roses. These bold and colorful flowers contribute to the overall romantic vibe of this path.

Even Seoullo 7017 is not free from K-pop fever. As you walk along you will see plants with unique name plaques. These trees are named after famous K-pop stars as they were planted by the contribution of their fans. Here you can see 2PM’s Junho, Twice’s Sana, EXO’s Suho, etc.


BangBang Playground

This playground is in the midway of the sky garden. If you are visiting with children then this is the best way to keep them busy. There are trampolines with high mesh around them for safety. Here your child can play without the fear of getting hurt.

If you have made it till here, make sure you also check out the Treepots. They are spy holes placed all around Seoullo 7017 on large pillars. You can watch different views of Seoul through these ports in three themes.

The Night Life of Seoullo 7017

When the night time arrives this place transforms into a beautiful Milkyway as the floor lights lit up and street lamps make the night sky look magical. The lights from the surroundings of the sky garden also contribute to its romantic vibe. If you are in Seoul with your loved one then make sure to take a peaceful walk in the Sky Garden with them.

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