Nami Island

Nami Island: Korea’s No. 1 Autumn Destination

The beautiful natural landscapes of Nami Island attracts a lot of visitors, making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in South Korea. Located in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, it will take approximately one and a half hours from Seoul. It is known for its enchanting natural sceneries and attractive tree-lined roads which, make it a picture-perfect scenery all year round and a perfect place for those who love and admire nature. 

Autumn In Nami Island

The autumn season usually starts from mid-September to November. Tree leaves are changing their colors from green to yellow, gold, orange, and red. We can see this everywhere in Korea, but one of the best and famous fall foliage destinations is in Nami Island. The weather during this period is not that cold. It is cool and dry, the skies are clear, making it a perfect day to visit and to enjoy the spectacular fall foliage across the island. Late November, most of the leaves had fallen. But still, witnessing the fallen and still falling yellow ginkgo leaves is just so aesthetically pleasing. 

How to reach Nami Island?

There are plenty of options. You can get there by subway, ITX train, or shuttle bus from Seoul. But in my case, I tried the ITX train. I took the train from Yongsan Station to Gapyeong station. The train ride will take about an hour. Upon arrival at Gapyeong station, you can wait for the shuttle bus or take a taxi to Gapyeong Ferry wharf. Then buy a ticket and board the ferry at Gapyeong Ferry wharf to Nami Island. The general rate for admission is 13,000 won (for adults), and the discounted rate is 10,000 won (for seniors, teenagers, students). The ticket to the island already includes both the entrance fee and ferry fare.

Things to see on Nami Island

So, what can we see on Nami island all year round? 

Well, there are a lot of amazing sights and perfect spots for picture taking here. Here are some. 

Central Korean Pine Tree Lane

Upon entering the island, you can easily witness the path-lined pine trees that will lead you to diverse scenery and vibes.

Maple Garden

Enjoy sightseeing the colorful leaves waving at you.

(I went there late autumn so, the maple leaves were almost gone. )

Ginkgo Tree Lane

Take a walk, and play with the fallen yellow ginkgo leaves. 

Metasequoia Lane

 Get mesmerized by the magnificent giant redwood trees. 

There are also restaurants and snack stores placed on the island. These stores are accessible. You can buy food there whenever you feel hungry and want to take a bite. There are also areas of flaming woods to keep people warm in late autumn. You can stay in these areas to fight the cold weather, and you can also take a rest for a while here if you feel a bit tired or exhausted.

Touring the whole island will take approximately three to four hours. And I would like to recommend that getting there during early time makes your tour more convenient. The operating hours for the ferry ride start from 7:30 am and visitors entering the island at that time is not that numerous. So if you want to take a lot of beautiful photos of you across the island, I would recommend you to go there as early as possible.  

Nami island was the first tourist destination I visited in Korea. Witnessing the wonderful, picturesque, and beautiful natural landscapes of Nami island is indeed a great and memorable experience. I truly enjoyed my tour on the island, and I will travel back here again together with my family and friends in another season. It is a definite place to relax, chill, unwind, and to enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature. 

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