North Jeolla Province

The Beautiful Beaches of Buan, North Jeolla

South Korea is surrounded by the sea and has beautiful beaches that make the perfect travel destination on any day of the year. Here in Buan-gun, you can find several of these beaches, as well as great places to stay, whether its luxury hotels or campsites! Located on the south-west coast of Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla), one end of Buan looks out over the Yellow Sea, while the other into the mountains.

Buan-gun Beaches

Hiking enthuasists and nature lovers can find their haven here in Buan. Many people like to set up their tents on the Byeonsan and Mohang beaches. In fact, at Byeongsan Beach alone, there is space for over 20 large tents and 5 caravans. Furthermore, sleeping under the stars doesn’t mean sacrificing your creature comforts! You can find restrooms, picnic tables, sinks for washing utensils etc.

If you do decide to camp, I highly recommend enjoying the beach at sunset — or sunrise if you can bear waking up early!

The beaches are definitely one of the highlights of the city. It seems like no matter which season you visit, you’ll see families having fun on or near the beaches. Whether its camping during summer, swimming in the ocean, clam-digging or simply walking along the sand, you will leave with a wonderful feeling. Furthermore, walking beneath the starry sky at low tide is an experience you cannot pass up on.

Things to do in Buan-gun

Away from the shore, there are plenty of non-beachy activities to do in Buan as well! Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Gaeamsa Temple
  • Naesosa Temple
  • Mohang, Byeonsan, Gyeokpo, Wido, and Gosapo beaches
  • Jeokbyeokgang Cliffs and Chaeseokgang Cliffs
  • New and Renewable Energy Village
  • Julpo Bay Tidal Flat Ecological Park
  • Celadon Museum

On the official Buan website, you can find itineraries for all four seasons, which I recommend if you want to visit many attractions in a short time. Depending on the time of year you visit, you can also check out the BuanMasil Festival!

Getting to Buan-gun

By Train

  • Seoul -> Gimjae Station (3h 30min) -> Gimjae Bus Terminal -> via bus Buan
  • Gwangju -> Jeongeup Station (30min) -> Jeongeup Bus Terminal -> via bus Buan

By Express Bus

  • East Seoul Bus Terminal -> Buan (4 hours)
  • Gangnam Bus Terminal -> Buan (3h 10min)
  • Jeonju Bus Terminal -> Buan (1h 20min)

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