Take Hotel in Gwangmyeong: Rooftop Pool with a View

My partner and I decided to go on a last-minute trip, which happens often. We wanted to go somewhere to hide away from the heat, so a hotel with a pool was a high priority. This was harder than expected considering our budget and tight schedule. But luckily, we happened upon Take Hotel!

The Search

When we thought our search was over having looked through How about Here (여기어때), Agoda (아고다), and more without any good finds, we stumbled upon this hotel in a struck of amazingly good luck.

Honestly, we would have never expected to find such a gem at the last minute! Plus, the price was very good. Wanna find out how much we paid? Keep reading!

Located in the newly renovated city of Gwangmyeong, where a new IKEA opened joint to Lotte premium outlets, and KTX station, this city is attracting more and more young families to settle with its modern take. This city reminded me a lot of Songdo business district in Incheon. Take Hotel is brand new as is the surrounding area.

Take Hotel

The hotel itself is really big. It is modern and has an environmentally conscious approach. The hotel has self-check-in and check-out service. Additionally, you can receive your room key directly to your phone so you don’t really need to approach the counter unless you really want to.

The lobby area is nice. It is big and clean with a big library-style staircase that has nice views of the city and several magazine options to choose from. Within the same story there is a I am bagel restaurant where you can enjoy nice NY-style bagels (that are not sweet thank god) and coffee upon arrival. 

The hotel offers parking which was a bit confusing to find. However, it was free of charge as a hotel guest, which was nice.

Facilities at Take Hotel

The hotel itself is joined by a mall and a street full of restaurants. Facilities around Take Hotel include unmanned shops and a Megabox cinema. 

The hotel has a fitness center which is equipped with cardio machinery and weight lifting area, it’s fairly big and not very crowded. 

One floor above is a buffet restaurant that has both western and Korean-style food displayed. The food quality is very good and varied, although the catering is not like that of Oakwood buffet or Sheraton. It’s definitely very tasty and relatively healthy (depending on the options you chose). 

There is a wedding hall that also serves as a meeting hall, media Lounge and several locker rooms/vending machines as well as a very lovely garden all in the 5F.

Lastly there is a rooftop swimming pool with gorgeous views of the city. There, you can enjoy it for free as a hotel guest. However, you should make a reservation to avoid crowds (they are open from 9am to 10pm). We chose the morning slot and we were not disappointed. The staff opened the glass windows, opened the snacks bar beside the pool area, and played nice music and the day was sunny. Really, it couldn’t get better than that. 

The Room at Take Hotel

The room was phenomenal! The design is very modern with minimal but sophisticated style of furniture and layout. There is basic amenities like Coffee and Tea with Water, super nice quality slippers and robes.

The room comes in with an LED TV with tons of cable channels but no NETFLIX. This is the only downside of this room. However, it was not a problem since we went to see a movie at Megabox cinema in the conjoined building.

The views at night are wonderful, staying in a high-floor room gave us pretty views of the city, which reminded me a bit of Manhattan at best. Additionally, the bathroom was roomy, very well lit, and had a separate door for both the bathroom and shower. The shower room was very spacious as well. 

Amenities at Take Hotel

With the hotel choosing to have an environmentally conscious approach, all their packaging was eco-friendly. They had the cutest pickup lines I have ever seen! They won me at Can I touch you for their shower tower. 

Pricing at Take Hotel

Their pricing is surprisingly very affordable at 180,000krw per night Mon to Fri (room only with swimming pool free access) Weekends and holidays are subject to higher prices.

Take Hotel (테이크 호텔)

Address: 20, Singi-ro, Gwangmyeong, 14345, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Korean Address: 경기 광명시 신기로 22

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