Taehwagang National Garden

The Magical Taehwagang Bamboo Forest, Ulsan

Have you ever seen bamboo? I think everyone knows bamboo, but have you been to a bamboo forest? When I was in high school, I was a scout and would use bamboo a lot. And we used them to build our own campsites as well as other camping gadgets. But honestly, I didn’t see many bamboos in South Korea, especially in Seoul. But when I was planning my trip to Ulsan, I came across a very famous place in Ulsan called Taehwagang Bamboo Forest in Teahwagang National Garden.


The name of the place tells what kind of place it is. This place is a bamboo forest. Today, I would like to introduce this awesome attraction that you must visit during your trip in Ulsan. Let’s start with transportation. Similar to other places, just search on the mobile map and you will get the information you need to get to the place. 

When you reach the forest, the first thing you will see is a park. The park has some bamboo but is more like a recreation area. You can see some decorations there including the plants that had been cut into caterpillar shapes. And also you can see some information offices on the right side of the entrance. But since there are no trees there, it should be super hot if you walk around the place in summer. It is just a very large open space with no shady places, so I highly recommend that you bring sunshades to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

There is a stream too!

Oh yes, there is a stream as well. It is not really a large stream but you can see some fish there if you look into it. And after crossing the stream over the bridge, you will come to the forest. It is the entrance of the bamboo forest. And basically the forest is really large, so you can’t really see the end of it. But once you get into the forest, you will feel cooler and refreshed. There are tall bamboos with leaves everywhere, it kindly offers a very relaxing place where you can cool off sweat.

When you first enter the forest, you will see some benches and stuff made of bamboo. This place is so perfect to get instagram worthy photos. And if you go further inside the bamboo forest, you will get to see more spots for beautiful pictures.


But one thing I would like to recommend is that you try to go there at night, because the pictures that I saw on social media were taken at night and all were extremely beautiful. But you can still experience different aspects of the forest if you go there in the afternoon or daytime. It is definitely a place that is worth your visit if you get a chance to go to Ulsan.

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🇲🇾 Tan Wei Wen

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