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Sweet Balance

Getting There

To reach Sweet Balance, take Line 2 to Nakseongdae Station or Seoul National University Station. Once you arrive, refer to your smartphone. This particular location be found via Naver Maps, Kakao Maps, or Google Maps. In order to reach the restaurant, you will walk a typically busy street. On each side of you will observe one restaurant or cafe after another.

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This is definitely an area you will want to visit multiple times. Given its proximity to Seoul National University, one of Korea’s prestigious universities that also merits a visit, many of the people you see will likely be students.

The Menu

Sweet Balance offers a sweet dietary balance to health-conscious customers. If you are a vegan or vegeterian, or simply enjoy the occasional sweet and tasty salad, I encourage you to check out this venue’s menu. Among the notes special dishes: Chicken Steak Salad and Chicken Breast Steak Salad. Among the hot dishes: I Am Mushroom, Roasted Vegetable, Slim Noodle, Super Risotto, and Do You Know Risotto.

Among the salad bowls: I’m Green, Soy Main, Match Made in Heaven, Shrimp King, and Happily Ever After. Among the soup and sides: Sweet Pumpkin Ball, Sweet Pumpkin Soup, Bruschetta. Refer to the menu below to read more detailed (albeit Korean language) descriptions of each of these menu choices. I have tried the Super Risotto and the Sweet Pumpkin Soup. My favorite just so happens to be the former. This dish, Italian origin, is perfection.


The atmosphere is nice if a little cramped. If the day on which you visit is nice, I would encourage you to sit out front of the restaurant. Due to COVID-19, conditions for dining-in are, of course, subpar, so you may consider contacting Sweet Balance and inquiring as to their take-out and delivery options. If you are a fan of salad-centric dining, I would encourage you to visit Sweet Balance as often as you like and/or are able.

It is important to support these kinds of establishments so that an increasing number of similar options will open in the future.

In Closing

Sweet Balance is a wonderful and healthy little dining spot. I try to visit several times a week. It may be a little pricey for university students, particularly those who do not work a part time job, but I would still encourage you to visit and try its dining options at least once.

Before or after you enjoy your meal, check out the neighborhood. There are many other hidden gems worth checking out: restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. I look forward to going back.

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🇺🇸 Andrew Hill

Andrew is a graduate student at Seoul National University.