Sutbul Dakgalbi- Another Dimension of Dakgalbi’s Taste

Talking about Dakgalbi, many people would recall the red gochujang-based spicy stir fried diced chicken with cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, tteok(rice cake) and other ingredients. Yes, undeniably, dakgalbi is good. The most famous dakgalbi in Korea is indeed Chuncheon Dakgalbi, which is where the dish is originated. However, did you know that apart from the red sauce stir fried dakgalbi there is another type of dakgalbi grilled over charcoal? It is called as Sutbul Dakgalbi.

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What is Sutbul Dakgalbi?

Sutbul, in Korean, means charcoal fire. Together with dakgalbi, they mean charcoal-grilled chicken. They are different from the original dakgalbi in terms of the cooking method, ingredients and taste. While stir-fried dakgalbi has rich taste of gochujang sutbul dakgalbi is unique at its plain fresh grilled chicken taste. Also, in contrast to stir fried dakgalbi, sutbul dakgalbi is served with maemil-ssam(buckwheat wrap), lettuce and sauces.

Where to get Sutbul Dakgalbi

At Gapyeong, there is a famous restaurant serving sutbul dakgalbi and buckwheat noodles. It is called Geumgang Makguksu Dakgalbi(금강막국수닭갈비). I would recommend you make a reservation on Naver beforehand. By doing so, you won’t need to wait in line and you could get a free cheese fondue which costs 4000 won.

They serve two flavours of marinated dakgalbi: Soy sauce and gochujang. You could get both if you order two-person meal. The staffs serve all the sides including cabbage soaked in sauce, different sauces, lettuce, maemil-ssam and garlic together with the meal. Then they arrange the charcoal and grill net which will be used for dakgalbi grilling. Then half-cooked dakgalbi and cheese fondue will be given. The staffs would guide you and you could just simply put the chicken and cheese on the grill plate and wait until they are cooked.

P/s : I recommend eating the chicken with cheese fondue wrapped in maemil-ssam. It tastes like heaven!

They also have other side menus like mul-makguksu, buckwheat dumplings, and buckwheat pancake.


The restaurant is quite big. It is located at a street that has many other restaurants lining along the streets. The place is quite difficult to be reached by public bus but it is possible. Though you could easily see it by the road. Otherwise you could grab a taxi to get there more conveniently.

Address : Gapyeong-gun, Sang-myeon, Imchori 431-4

Here is their Naver page where you could see more on their opening hours, menu and locations.

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If you prefer dakgalbi that is plain and good, Sutbul dakgalbi is perfect for you!

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