Suseong Lake, Daegu

Are you in Daegu or planning to visit soon? But do not know where to go and enjoy the hidden city? Then you have chosen the right post. Because today I am going to share with a very beautiful lake and must visit place in Daegu. Let’s go!

Suseong Lake by @s_pretty26

The place which you will enjoy is Suseong Lake (수성못). After moving to Daegu, it was the first place that I have visited.

Suseong Amusement Park is located at the lower part of the stem that extends northwest from Beommul-dong Jibongbong (629m) and forms a natural beauty with gentle surrounding mountains and Suseongmot. It was formed around the Suseong Pond, which was created in 1925, and has a low water volume of 700,000, and an area of ​​218,000 square meters and a circumference of 2,020m. Suseong Pond was an artificial pond created in 1925 to supply agricultural water during the Japanese occupation. Nowadays, it is used as a waterside rest area and boasts a wealth of quantity throughout the year. Around Suseong Lake you can enjoy with amusement facilities such as benches, trees, trails, cruise ship docks, ships, vikings, bumper cars, and merry-go-rounds. The Video Music Fountain, which was set up in September 2007, will perform four weekly and nighttime performances every day from May to October, providing unusual attractions. In addition, in spring when there is cherry blossom, this place is so beautiful as there are lots of trees around the lake and many people go there to take pictures. But unfortunately, I did not have any pictures with this cherry blossom as this year I missed because of the current situation. So, next year I hope I will surely go with my friends.

Let me share you interesting things you can do when you are able to visit this place so that you do not have to worry searching places.

Suseong Lake by @s_pretty26

Things that you can do around the lake

First of all, enjoy the nature walking around with your friends or anyone who loves nature too. At the weekends, lots of families come as there are some kids areas to play.

People sitting near the lake by @s_pretty26

You can have a picnic with this beautiful nature. Also enjoy the outdoor activities with your friends. As we know,  most Koreans like outdoor activities, at the weekends they usually spend their time with their families and this place is one of the best choice for this.

By @s_pretty26

Then you can try riding a duck ship which costs around 15,000 won for two people. Usually, there will be many couples also riding the duck ship together and enjoying the pure water. Of course, there is a time limit which means you can ride this duck ship only around forty minutes. One thing I should mention, when you are riding duck ship, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and if you ride more than thirty minutes, your legs feel tired. In my case, last time when I rode my legs tired a little bit. But it is really worth trying with your best friend or boyfriend.

On the duck ship by @s_pretty26
By @s_pretty26

It’s time to eat something. Suseong Lake is surrounded by so many good cafes, restaurants and pubs with a scenery view of lake. The prices are also reasonable. In addition, if you sit near the window of any cafes or restaurants, you can see the beautiful sunset.

By @s_pretty26

This is picture of another cafe with great atmosphere. I was surprised when I saw the prices of desserts. It was so cheap, costing only 6,000 won. The dessert was so big that I couldn’t eat all of them. On the second and third floors, you can enjoy the lake’s view.

Woo’z Bakery Cafe
By @s_pretty26

After that, it’s shopping time. This lake provides you not only to have a fun but also do shopping. There are some shopping malls which you can find variety of clothes with very good quality and reasonable prices. One thing I should mention that the shopping mall which I visited has a cafe on the third floor. And if you buy clothes for more than 50,000 won, they give you free coffee. From this cafe, you can see a little bit view of Daegu.

Blue Moon & Co
By @s_pretty26

It’s already evening and you can see beautiful fountains show with music.  When you go to this place, you shouldn’t leave without enjoying the fountains. Because at night, there will be lots of lights turning on along the path making this lake even more beautiful.

Night view with fountains by @s_pretty26
By @s_pretty26

And finally, time to play like a child. There is a small amusement park near the lake. Prices starting from 4,000 won to 10,000 won. I think it’s a good chance for parents to enjoy with their children.

By @s_pretty26

How to get there

Address: Dusan-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu (대구 수성구 두산동)


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