Surf Clams Picking Experience run by Oido Fishing Village

Basic Info about surf clams picking experience

At the end of the embankment in front of the red lighthouse, there lies a Tideland Education and Experience Center run by Oido Fishing Village from April to October. You could experience picking surf clam on the tideland during low-tide time. For October, the low-tide time is usually from 8 in the morning to about 2pm. It varies every day.

What you should bring

  1. A hat, if the day is hot
  2. A set of extra clean clothes to change
  3. A pair of gloves
  4. Towels
  5. A pail or container to keep the clams after the picking

Step 1: Pay for the surf clams picking experience fee

The surf clam picking experience fee is 7000 won for adults and 5000 won for children. The fee includes the rental of a shovel and a basket which you can use to put your clams.

Step 2: Put on the boots and appropriate clothes

You could bring your own boots or else you could rent a pair of boots just beside the counter for 2000 won per person. Just tell your feet size and the staff will get you your boots. The facilities are quite well-equipped as they even provide a fitting room along with shower rooms for men and women separately. There are a shelf with baskets in the fitting room for people to keep their belongings during the activities.

Step 3: Enter into the tideland and search for surf clams!

After paying for the experience and get your clothes changed, you are ready to enter the the spacious tideland and begin your clam picking journey!

There will be staffs guiding you the way to find surf clams easily.

Some useful tips for surf clam picking:

  1. you don’t need to dig deep to find the surf clams. They live at the shallow area.
  2. Listen and feel the collision between the spade and the clams’ shell.

Besides surf clams, you could also see other tideland animals like earthworms, crabs and more!

After one hour of hard work, these were what we had sowed!

Step 4: Get your clams packed

Perks: You could bring the surf clams you picked from the tideland home! You eat what you have earned.

There are staffs helping to wash and get rid of the soil on the surf clams. They also help you to pack the surf clams into layers of plastic bags filled with water. It is advised that you bring a container or a pail to keep the clams because the plastic bags may leak.

Step 5: Wash up

You could put the boots you have rented beside the boots rental place and the staffs will do the rest. If you bring your own boots, you could wash them and yourself up in the shower room. Also don’t forget your belongings.

My thoughts about surf clams picking experience

This is indeed a great experience for family, especially fun for kids! Not only they could learn knowledge about the tideland ecology by directly observing the animals living in the tideland, they also learn the lesson of patience and perseverance in their journey! Also, the activity strengthen the positive relationship between parents and child or even friends besides building unforgettable memories.

You could take a look at their homepage to get detailed information about the tides time.

Website: www.오이도어촌체험마을.kr

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea