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Sunsets In Seoul – These 5 Destinations Will Leave You Craving For More

There’s something so blissful and magical about sunsets. It’s one of those phenomenons where words don’t do justice. Simply put, you have to see it and feel it to believe it. And when it comes to modern-day cities, there’s simply no better place to experience it than sunsets in Seoul.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Yes, the metropolis comes packed with stellar destinations that make your heart skip a beat. Whether you’re on a journey of self-discovery or surrounded by loved ones galore, these places will leave you craving for more.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Cheonggyecheon – inspiring sunsets in Seoul

The stunning Cheonggyecheon stream is undoubtedly one of Seoul’s most attractive tourist destinations. The 11Km long stream runs through all of downtown Seoul. And it truly lifts many spirits along the way. The modern restoration project was once a part of the Joseon Dynasty, dating back to 1392-1910. And for this reason, the cultural significance attached can’t be ignored.

Moreover, the stunning stream begins at Cheonggye Plaza, crossing a whopping 22 bridges along the way. In the end, it flows into the famous Hangang River. And a what site it is indeed.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Clean air, freshwater, and views for days- it truly deserves a top spot on sunsets in Seoul. By the way, while you are in Seoul, don’t forget to go to E-Sports Hall of Fame.

Gyeongbokgung Palace – revisiting history

This venue is the first as well as the largest royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Built during the year 1395, this mystical location is in a league of its own. Today, it stands tall and proud in the heart of Seoul, symbolizing sovereignty.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Meanwhile, the classic and iconic landmark features three separate gates. While it wasn’t possible in the past, visitors can now get in via four separate entrances. These include the northern, southern, western, and eastern gates. How fabulous is that?

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

In addition, the Korean government treats this historic building with great honor. And that means investing millions for its repair, restoration, and renovation. Who wouldn’t want to view a sunset from this traditional aspect?

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Namsan Tower – Heart-melting sunsets in Seoul

Designed and constructed in 1969, Namsan Tower is one of Seoul’s most well-recognized destinations. Namsan Tower opened its honorable gates to the public in 1980, making it one of the city’s beloved landmarks.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

The giant tower stands on N Plaza with a roof terrace whose viewing deck is spectacular. Here, visitors, especially lovers adore the romantic atmosphere. And the recent unveiling of the ‘Locks of Love’ has many flocking in masses. They attach padlocks to a fence, symbolizing their affection for one another.

What makes it so famous? Well, there are a handful of things. These include the stunning multicolored digital art facades, which are projected upon the tower at night. As far as Seoul sunsets are concerned, you can’t miss out on the roof terrace.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Yes, it’s a gorgeous feature where couples, families, and other loved ones gather around to witness the sunset or take in nature’s blissful offerings.

Next, there’s a digital observatory too. Here, the tower offers visitors a glance of a lifetime. Yes, the observatory gives you a spectacular 360-degree panorama view of Seoul.

For a breathtaking meal, diners have two options. Firstly, Hankook restaurant serves up some delicious traditional delicacies in style. What better way to spend time than this? There’s also the famous n. Grill restaurant where diners devour finger-licking entrees.

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On the other hand, Haneul Sky Restroom gives you another reason to fall in love with Seoul’s skyline.

Ttukseom Han River Park – venue worth discovering

For a great sunset, you need the best view. And that’s why Ttukseom Han River Park is a part of this list. The giant theme park serves up gorgeous views over Hangang.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Similarly, the venue holds the capacity to accommodate up to 3500 visitors, making it ideal for cultural events as well as year-round activity programs.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

From the fountain and large swimming area to the giant winding stream pool too- it’s a must-visit for tourists, locals, and more. In addition, depending on the season, the area revamps itself to fit in with various themes.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Now in a setting like that, the fun and anticipation for sunsets don’t get any better than this?

Yeouinaru Han River Park – glorious sunsets in Seoul

With a subway station situated right next door, this venue is easy to find. At the same time, it’s also one of Seoul’s most accessible parks, besides Han River.

During the springtime, it’s blessed with gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Meanwhile, in the summertime, you’ll get plenty of golden sunshine. For winters, gear up heavily and enjoy a brisk walk through the park’s tracks.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

Did we mention how the popular destination gets some of the city’s most scenic views? Yes, with the Han River situated nearby, don’t forget that giant swimming pool too. It’s truly heartwarming to see this locality hustling and bustling with visitors galore.

Photo By Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: @ranamajid007)

There’s no better feeling than cherishing Seoul sunsets. And that’s exactly why these top 5 destinations get distinguished spots on countless expert lists. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to visit, don’t forget to soak all that magic in.

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