Sunset Strolls in Sinchon

Sinchon is the youngest and most trendy area in Seoul right now. Centered between Hongdae and a number of universities, it is the dwelling place of many of the city’s students. As a youthful, hip neighborhood, it normally hosts a vibrant nightlife. However, during the pandemic the neighborhood has become hauntingly beautiful, making it the perfect place for a sunset stroll. 


Seoul is a big city with no one place you can truly call downtown. When friends see the images of where I live, they can’t help but ask, “You’re living in the center, right?”. But, Center of what? – Seoul itself is the center. Rather than trying to find the center of Seoul, we can just say that Sinchon is a popular university area. However, it is not so unique, as many other areas throughout the city located near universities have a similar vibe.

Most people who’re interested in Korea, one way or another, know of Sinchon. It has been featured in multiple K Dramas due to it’s vibrant aesthetic. Walking through the neighborhood, you can find hundreds of brightly lit shops, cafes and bars tucked into narrow alleyways.

Let’s talk about why this area is so popular with people in their 20s.The main reason is universities. Namely three top universities in South Korea: Ewha Women’s University, Yonsei University and Hongik University. 

The first two are located just across the road from each other, really close to Sinchon Subway Station. Hongik University is a little bit farther and situated closer to Hongdae Station. But it is just a 20 min walk away, and is manageable even while drunkenly stumbling home after a night out. 

The area offers relatively cheap housing in newer buildings than the surrounding area. So, it is naturally the area of choice when students attending the three universities are searching for housing.

As the pandemic was hitting hard, Korea decided on restrictive measures, including a curfew. At the time of writing this article nightlife is only until 9 PM. But it’s still enough time for students to hit the bar before returning home.

And after 9, even though we’re in the middle of the winter, people are still gathering on the streets. You can find singers and dancers ining the streets. Even this horrible disease cannot kill a good mood! If you’re looking for something to do after curfew, a  Sinchon sunset stroll is the way to go.

Tip for Sinchon night walk:

So here’s a little tip: if you’re looking for a place to hang out (outside, of course)  after curfew, then Sinchon is your place.But, it’s good to wait until the crowd fades from the public transport stops. Everyone tries to get straight back home after closing time. So, the subway and buses are super busy this time.

Sinchon is not only parties, you can find plenty of cute cafes. Even after they’ve closed, there are so many buildings with beautiful exteriors for you to snap photos of. So if you’re looking for good photos for your feed, Sinchon after curfew is an ideal spot.

Plus, depending on the time of the year, you can witness some interesting installations. For example, Christmas trees and New Years decorations. Almost the whole December BTS armies created a big photo zone for BTS member V’s birthday. The highlight of the exhibition was the 3 metershigh inflatable V doll.

In one word, Sinchon is worth coming during the year anytime, you will always find what to do, what to eat, and with whom to spend time!

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