Sunnyne Dog Cafe in Hongdae

If you are a big fan of doggies, then you must know a dog café is basically a comfort place for dog lovers like us. Last Sunday I had a chance to visit one of the most famous dog cafes in Hongdae which is called Sunnyne Dog Cafe. Plus, it’s also a doggie manner school and daycare. The dogos here are certified good boys!

Sunnyne Coffee Shop:

The coffee shop is located on the 3rd floor of the building. With its very distinct barking, it’s a building that’s difficult to miss.

There are comfy seats and even blankets for anyone who wants to sit on the floor. The space is not big but it is not small either. In my opinion, it looks quite like a normal dog cafe.

The owners are one man and one woman. They can’t speak English, but it seems that they can understand quite a bit as their customers are an even mix of Koreans and foreigners.

The drinks are basic, you get a cold bottled drink for 10,000, including the entrance fee. To me, the price here is quite reasonable for the time you spend with the dogs and the drink.

You can choose a wide range of drinks but all of them will be pre-bottled. This is to help with cleanliness and abide by government regulations. The owner keeps the floor very clean. They clean immediately when a dog poop or pees on the floor. The owners are not chatty to foreigners but from my observation, they are very chatty to anyone who can speak Korean.

The dogs

I love dogs, but most dog cafes in Korea only have small dogs. The reason why I chose Sunnyne over all the other dog cafes was because I wanted to see a big dog.

There are a lot of big dogs, but they are so quiet and everyone in the room was fighting for the big dogs’ attention. None of the big dogs were very energetic. They mostly just sat still or were lying in the corner, sleeping.

It is quite a bummer that I did not have a chance to play with any of the big dogs. Instead, I had a tiny weenie dog sleeping on my lap. It was so sweet, and I was scared to stand up since I didn’t want to interrupt the dog’s sleep.

However, there was a Shepherd dog that is the very opposite of other large dogs. It was running around and very hyperactive. No one could seem to catch it. Everyone in the room just sat still and plays with the dogs.

There was not so much movement from the customers. Or, from the dogs either. Overall, the dogs are very well-behaved, but just seemed a little bit tired.

Sunnyne Doggie Daycare

One of the reasons why the dogs at this cafe are so well behaved is because Sunnyne is also a doggie daycare and obedience school.

The hours of their doggie day care are from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM. For more details or to sign your pup up, you must visit them in person, call or send them a Kakao DM. You can find all of their contact information in their Instagram bio.


I probably won’t come back here again even though there is nothing bad about the experience that I had. However, the coffee shop is a little bit overrated in my opinion. It was way too crowded and some of the customers just sat still and had no success in playing with dogs. Half of the dogs were sleeping and the other half was not enough for the high number of customers.

That being said, coming on weekdays or off-hours may be worth it. Or, if you are looking for a cuddle buddy rather than a dog to play with this might be the cafe for you.

Sunnyne Dog Cafe (써니네애견카페)

Korean Address: 서울 마포구 양화로18안길 16
Address: Yanghwa 18-an-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 16
Opening Hours: 01:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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