Summer Trip: 3 Best Vacation Spots to Escape the Heat

If you live in Korea, you may wonder where to spend your summer vacation. Here are the three most popular places for a summer trip to escape the Korean summer heat!

Jeju: Summer Trip to the Island of the Gods

Koreans sometimes refer to Jeju as the Island of the Gods. About 4 million tourists visit this ancient island every year. Jeju is attractive for a varied holiday. Here you can not only sunbathe on the beach and swim in the sky-blue water, but also visit natural monuments, visit volcanic craters, and caves and go to ancient temples.

The best time for a beach holiday is from June to September. The city of Jeju itself has 5 equipped beaches owned by the provincial government. So, even if you just get of the plane, and stay in the city you’ll have plenty to do. The lifeguards keep a close eye on vacationers, and you always can find a sunbed and umbrella on the beaches. And, the water depth along the coast is no more than one meter, so families with children can easily relax here.

The sand on the beaches can be coral, white, or even black (volcanic) depending on which beach you go to. Which, can add some fun variation to your beach vacay.

On Jeju Island, tourists can find excursions for all tastes. You can watch dolphin shows and sea lions, see how wild animals live in nature, or enjoy the view of majestic waterfalls. Jeju is the most popular summer destination in Korea for a reason! If you choose to go, you will not regret it.

Busan: Summer Trip to the Crossroads of the Earth

The second-largest city in South Korea is Busan. With more than three and a half million inhabitants, there is a lot to do in this coastal city. It is best known for its magnificent beaches, hot springs, national parks, and the vibrant life of the port city.

Sailors from all over the world give Busan a unique “crossroads of the Earth” atmosphere. It has a long history as being one of the most significant ports in Korea. As a result, it has a multicultural history.

However, Busan is not at all as cosmopolitan as it might seem at first glance. Compared to Seoul, it is provincially charmingly shy, and not as multicultural as it perhaps once was. Among the local attractions is a huge fish market – easily comparable to those in Tokyo, the magnificent Buddhist temple of Pomona, and, of course, excellent beaches. It’s no wonder why Busan is the second most popular summer vacation destination in Korea.

Pohang: Summer Trip to the Clean Coast

Pohang City is a tourist destination in Gyeongsangbuk-do province. The city has a railway station and a ferry service. Although rather small, the infrastructure of the city is on the top level.

The city has many hotels and restaurants with different types of cuisine. And is home to a number of famous cafes, bars, pubs, as well as shopping and entertainment centers. Pohang is actively engaged in industrial activities and has the largest commercial port.

The city has many attractions, as well as architectural monuments, such as Homigot, I giant hand emerging from the sea. Also, be sure to visit some local places of historical and cultural significance. some of the main attractions are; the Buddhist temples of Pogensa and Popkvansa, the fortress of Changyip, and Pohang University.

But of course, if you are coming for summer vacation, the clean and beautiful beaches of Pohang are the main attraction. The clear, cool water is the perfect escape from Korea’s summer heat.

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