Summer in Busan

Are you going to spend your summer in a steamy room binge watching movie? Or simply visiting coffee shops and indoor malls to escape the heat with their full blast air conditioner? Why not embrace the heat and spend your time in a more meaningful and enjoyable way? Plan you trip to Busan now and enjoy the most out of Busan, the Beaches! Panic no more because I am now going to introduce you the best way to enjoy your summer in Busan!

Haeundae Beach

I believe most people has heard of Haeundae in Busan as it is the most famous beach and has always been on the top of the list for must visit places in Busan. The beach attracts the most visitors domestically and internationally every year during summer.

Both locals and tourists love enjoying on the beach

Locating before a shallow bay, the 1.5km long beach provides enough space for up to ten thousands of people. You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing around the beach. I could not help but has also immersed myself in the healing atmosphere there at Haeundae beach despite happened to wear the wrong outfit to visit a beach on that day. Soaking your feet in the salty water is a great way to flush away all the heat accumulated throughout the scotching how summer day.  

People lining up to take picture with the Haeundae logo

From luxury hotels to humble and cosy guesthouse, all kinds of accommodations can be found near the area of the beach which makes it a perfect vacation spot for summer. Other than that, various cultural events and festival are also held on the beach all year round. You can check on their websites for more information of the performance and event schedules. Last but not least, be sure to book early if you plan to stay nearby the beach as the hype might shock you one summer has arrived.

How to get there:

Haeundae Station (line 2, exit 3/5). 5 mins walk. (around 50 mins by subway from Busan Station)

Songdo Beach Cable Car

View of the cable car and Songdo Skywalk from the ground

Another top listed popular attraction in Busan is Songdo Beach. One activity cannot be missed aside from enjoying this beach is the 1.62km long air cruise, namely Songdo Beach Cable Car. The facility has just been restored after 29years and reopened in summer 2017 in order to revive the tourism industry of the area.

The cable car ride gives a thrilling experience and one can observe everything going around the fine beach and the coast from above.

What a exciting view to enjoy!

At the end of the cable car ride is Songdo Skypark which is seemingly located at another end of the bay opposite Songdo Beach.

Next, you can have a casual stroll around Songdo Skypark and enjoy the well maintained facilities available for free around the place. Additionally, Map and pamphlets which everyone can get one for free are available at the entrance of the park.

One highlight facility provided for visitors to enjoy is Dino Adventure, where enormous man-made steel dinosaurs howl with the help of various light effect to scare you and your kids.

There are walking trails around the park which you can explore and enjoy the evergreen forest surrounding the place. Furthermore, as we stroll around randomly we get to experience the best sunset view at the top of the hill.

If you do not mind spending a little more time exploring, there is a trail that leads to another side of the hill where a mini rock beach is located.

Personally, it was the highlight of the cable car trip as I have never stay so close to big waves. It is really enjoyable to sit on the ice-cold rocks in hot summer. While watching ferries and fishing boats on the sea.

Afterwards, a walk at Songdo Sky Walk is a great way to end your visit to Songdo Beach once returned from Skypark. It’s an elevated pathway right above the sea that allow visitors wall out to the ocean.

Rest Day: None(open 365 days a year)

Admission: (Adult: 14-year old and above; Child: 36-month old to a 13-year old person)

  • Standard cabin:
    • Round Trip – 15,000Won (Adult)/11,000Won (Child)  
    • One-Way Trip – 12,000Won (Adult)/9,000Won (Child)
  • Crystal cabin:
    • Round Trip – 20,000Won (Adult)/15,000Won (Child)
    • One-Way Trip – 16,000Won (Adult)/12,000Won (Child)

How to get there:

From Nampo-dong, take bus No.6, 7, 26, 30, or 71 and get off at Songdo Beach Bus Stop. The cable car station is just about 10 minutes walk away. You could definitely spot it easily by following where the cable cars go above the sky.

Gwangalli Beach

Out of 10 times when you typed ‘Busan’ on the search engine, you will see Gwangalli Beach coming out for 11 times on the results. This beach is one of the must visit places when you come to Busan.

Gwangalli Beach is known for its powdery fine and white sand. Many visit during the summer to lie on it and get the most out of the summer sun. On the other hand, people also visit Gwangalli Beach for its romantic night view of the Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Surrounding buildings by the sea can also be seen shimmering lights from afar.

The area is also called ‘Cafe Street’ as many cute cafes with nice interiors are located there for you to explore too. If you would like to avoid the heat during summer day, there are many restaurants, bars, and pubs with great atmosphere and only open for business at night nearby Gwangalli Beach. Thus, it is a good idea to visit the beach around sunset time. You can and enjoy a relaxing evening by exploring those shops.

Aside from that, Gwangalli beach has many busking events and street performances done by talented performers for the public to enjoy. Combo of the breathtaking scenery and those high quality performances are truly something you would not wish to miss out.

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How to get there:

Gwangan Station (subway line number 2, exit 3 or 5) and walk 5 minutes.

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