Summer 2022 Korean Makeup Trends

South Korea is a trend chameleon! Every season, every month, and every day, there is a new trend that pops up out of nowhere. Be it fashion, food, or even slang words! However, there is nothing that beats Korean beauty trends. So, I talked to one of my close friends who works at one of the most notable companies in the Korean beauty industry and got the inside scoop on the hottest Korean makeup trends of summer 2022!

Ultra-Fresh Skin Glow

Say goodbye to heavy coverage and cakey finishes because the trend for this summer is Ultra-fresh skin. Now, what do we mean by “Ultra-fresh skin”? Basically, it’s a natural look with a clean finish. The idea is to apply your base makeup like it’s barely there, just give your skin that my-skin-but-better vibe.

To do this, apply a very thin amount of your base makeup, rather than slathering it. Freckles? Spots? Let them show! The key here is not coverage, rather it is more to show that your skin is naturally bouncy, dewy, and glowing from within.

I personally love this trend as it is perfect for those hot and humid summer days. It is easily achievable with foundation, cc cream, tone-up creams, or just tinted sunscreen. If you are looking for a base product to achieve this look, I recommend HERA’s new Silky Stay Foundation! It has an extra-light texture and boasts about its 24-hour lasting power.

Glossy Lips for Summer 2022

I’m sorry, matte lipsticks – my glossy tints are calling for me this summer!

The summer 2022 trend is Glossy lips. To pair together with a fresh face, you need a set of fresh glossy lips! While matte lipsticks can give you a more dressed-up look, those with obvious wrinkles on their lips, like me, might not benefit much from matte lipsticks.

Glossy lips, on the other hand, give your lips that luscious pout while hydrating them at the same time. It also gives you a more youthful and fresh look.

I personally suggest checking out TCFS’s Art Class Clair tint range. It’s a glossy lip tint that leaves no sticky residue and provides hydration!

Healthy “Beam-Glow” Eyes

You might be wondering, beam-glow? What does that even mean? It’s simply highlighting the inner corners of your eyes to freshen up your look.

To do this, it’s very simple. All you need to do is get your favorite highlighter and just pop some on the inner corners of your eyes and voilà! Your eyes will look more wide awake and less dull! You also won’t have to spend too much time on your eye makeup.

Mauve Lips for Summer 2022

Remember the Pantone color of 2022? Veri Peri. It seems that color is all the rage this year, even in makeup, and I am here for it.

Mauve can be a very ambiguous color. It is usually a between a milky shade of lavender and dusty rose. It can look good on almost everyone if you choose the right shade of it. I personally just bought one mauve lip tint the other day and have been using it in my daily makeup routine. It is natural enough to pull off that MLBB look with a bit of flair thanks to its glossiness.

If you want to try something other than red, I suggest getting a mauve lipstick this summer!

Final thoughts on the latest Summer 2022 makeup trends

According to my source, this time for Summer 2022, the key point is minimalism. Rather than a heavy and dramatic look, something fresh and natural are the looks that will be trending. I will probably try some of these trends myself this summer! Let me know if you plan to do it too!

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