North Chungcheong Province

Suju Palbong- harmony of picturesque landscapes!

Suju Palbong is a picturesque place that draws visitors from not only  North Chungcheong province but also the other areas of South Korea .


Suju Palbong Peak in Chungju originated from Songnisan Mountain, passed Goesan, and joined the Namhan River in the west of Chungju City. When it passed Togye-ri, Salmi-myeon, Chungju City, Chungcheongbuk-do, the shape of the mountain reflected in the water seems to be eight peaks, so it is said to have acquired the name ‘Suju Palbong’. In Korean Pal means Eight and Bong means Peak.


Suju Palbong is located at the border of Togye-ri, Chungju, so it can be easily accessed from any direction.

Address in Korean: 충북 충주시 살미면 토계리

Outdoor Camping Site

Specially in Every summer vacation, many campers visit Suju Palbong Outdoor Camping Site with their children. This is winter time but there seem to be more and more people looking for it.

Perhaps it is the unexplored wonder of the people who visit with the clear water of the moon stream. It surrounds the village of Palbong and the outstanding strange rock formations.

On the right has a gravel field. The left side has divided back into the upper and lower spaces,.

and the top has made of sand, which makes it much easier to pitch a tent, and below is the water’s edge of the gravel field.

Even if it’s the same gravel, the toilets and sinks are close by, so be sure to hurry early as it can be hard to get there on weekends.

Campers with caravans and campers don’t have any problems sleeping, but if you’re building a tent, it’s a good idea to have plenty of mats at home as the floor surface is uneven and you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep.

The city of Chungju is so clean, toilets and sinks cleaned every morning. Making it a popular no-go camping spot for many campers across the country.

As nowadays, you’ll need to adjust your meal time because you have a limited amount of time to use the sink water all season.

In front of the toilet building right next to the washing place. You can build a camping site in search of suitable space on the left and right.

There is also safety measurements available.

This is the observatory to see the picturesque landscape of Suju Palbong.

There are some camping cottage available if you are forget to bring your own tent or camping accessories. You can rent those cottage for night staying.


  1. Tel. 043)850-6723 (Chungju City Hall Tourism Department
  2. Chungju Cultural Tourism Portal(
  3. Digital Culture Exhibition(
  4. Cultural Heritage Office(
  5. 수주팔봉 – 문화관광 (

What more to know

Climbing the mountain might not be difficult. However still for the safety of your feet wearing closed comfortable shoes strongly advised.

In contrast wearing warm cloths is make your journey convenient.

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