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Subway Sandwich Chain in Korea

If you’re a fast-food lover, you’ll have no doubt heard of Subway. Subway is a sandwich franchise, available all over the world. It operates in the same way in most countries, but the menu has a few differences. Here’s what you can expect at Subway in South Korea.

A Consistent Global Franchise

I personally didn’t eat much at Subway back in Malaysia, but there are not many differences between the branches there and in Korea. In fact, you can find the same toppings, types of bread and cookies that would be available at a Subway in your own country.

Therefore, if you’re missing home or simply sick of Korean food, you can visit Subway sandwiches and buy your favourite combinations from back home. However, as I hadn’t been in such a long time, it took me a while to decide from the huge menu.

Time to Customise

If you have been to Subway, you’ll know that their main selling point is the freedom to customise. Once you’ve chosen a main filling, you can then select which bread, cheese, sauces and other toppings you would like. And feel free to mix and match! Choosing mayo doesn’t mean you can’t also choose mustard.

Drinks and Sides

If you order take out or delivery Subway, they offer sets that include a sub, side and drink. However, if you are eating in, some branches will not include sides and drinks in the set. Sides include a bag of chips or a cookie, both of which come in multiple flavours. Interestingly, Subway restaurants in other countries often sell unlimited refill soft drinks, however, I have not seen that here in Korea. Nonetheless, all the extras are pretty cheap.

Subway in Korea: What’s different?

You will almost certainly notice menu items in Korean Subway that is not available in your home country. Notably, fillings like Korean bulgogi and the KBBQ Sub made with Korean garlic and charcoal grilled meat.

As for vegetarians, there is a pretty crucial difference in the Subway Veggie Sub here in Korea. In most countries, the veggie sub consists of a veggie patty as a substitute for meat, however, there’s a reason why the veggie sub is the cheapest menu item here… The Korean veggie sub consists just of vegetable toppings. Yep, that’s right, order the veggie sub and receive plain bread with your choice of veg, cheese and sauce…Maybe bulk it up with avocado?

Finally, the measurements. Depending on where you’re from, Korean Subway may match the measuring system of your country. However, in places like America and the UK, the two sizes of sub are named as “6-inch” and “foot-long.” In Korea, they use centimetre measurements. Therefore, if you want to order a 6-inch sub, you should ask for 15cm and if you want a foot-long, ask for 30cm.


I ordered the 15cm egg mayonnaise sub and really enjoyed it. It is a healthy meal in comparison with other fast food outlets in Korea, and was a really easy, inexpensive choice for lunch. Barring a few differences in menu, it is clear that Subway sandwiches are quite similar around the world, both in their set-up and quality. If you’re missing fast-food from home, head to Subway in Korea.

🇲🇾 Tan Wei Wen

Hello, I am a foreign student that is currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Wish to share more about my travel stories here.