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Starfield Library – For the Love of Books

Every book lover has imagined being locked up in a library with books in every corner. Likewise, Starfield Library, in South Korea, is every bibliophile’s magical dream.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.

J.K. Rowling

Where to find Starfield Library?

Starfield Library is located in the center of Starfield COEX Mall, the largest underground shopping mall in the world. The mall is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

Starfield Library has an area of 2800 square metres and 2 floors, underground. The Library is covered with an all-glass roof, allowing the sunlight to shine in, adding an aesthetic touch to the massive building. It has three, 13 metres tall, bookshelves, whose upper shelves can be accessed through elevators. The library invites bookworms from all around the world, to come and drown themselves in the world of books.

When was the Starfield Library founded?

The Starfield Library opened up to the public on 31st May 2017. This was done as an attempt to bring more visitors to the COEX mall, as the number of visitors was decreasing since 2014. As a result, the number of visitors to the COEX mall increased. A Shinsegae conglomerate operates the Library and he initially invested 6 billion won to create the Library. The management also spends 500 million won every year, on the maintenance of the Library.

How to get to Starfield Library?

The Seoul subway is directly connected to the COEX Mall, which is home to the Starfield Library. Firstly, you can take the subway from any subway station in Seoul. You can get off at Samseong Station. Secondly, you have to take Exit Six that will lead you directly to the COEX mall. Finally, once inside the mall, you can easily follow directions to get to the Starfield Library. You can go alone, or join a city tour, that includes the library.


Things to do at Starfield Library

Starfield Library is an open, free, and public space where anyone can visit. Book lovers are really fond of the Library. The library is also popular among tourists, due to its unique and refreshing design. Even if you are not an avid reader, there are a lot of things that you can do at the library.

Reading Books

Of course, the first thing that you would do at a library is to dive into the world of words. You can pick out any book to read. There are around 50,000 books in the library. Although most of the books are in Korean, there are some international books available too. The library also has a regularly updated e-book system, that benefits the tourists and locals alike. The only disadvantage of such a huge collection is that the library doesn’t issue books to visitors.

Checking Magazines

If you are not a huge bookworm, you can always check and read your favorite magazine. The Starfield Library has 600 international and local magazines. This is Korea’s most large-scale collection of magazines. Unfortunately, the Library won’t issue the magazines to you. 

Taking Pictures

The Library has a unique design, a glass roof, and a beautiful arrangement of reading material. This makes Starfield library the perfect place to click some Instagram worthy pictures. Furthermore, the arrangements of some of the books look like paintings, adding an artistic look to the place. The combination of traditional wooden shelves and modern technology makes it picturesque. 

Doing Work

If you are someone who likes working in a place that is bustling with people, Starfield Library might be the perfect place for you. It has several comfortable table seatings for people who want to work, sitting in the Library. The Library also has free Wi-Fi and numerous power outlets, providing an ideal work environment. Although for people who prefer working in a quiet environment, the place is too noisy.

Taking A Break

The Starfield Library welcomes anyone who wants to sit, relax, and take a break from the hectic schedule. It has around 200 plush sofas and benches, along with table seatings, to help the visitors to relax. People can also meet up with their friends in the library. 

Eating Snacks

Visitors who get tired from working or reading in the Starfield Library can head up to the second floor. You can drink coffee or munch on chocolate and cakes. The Library allows you to take whatever book or magazine you are reading with you, in your little snack break. 

Attending Events

The Starfield Library hosts multiple events throughout the year. The events range from author readings and book talks to art exhibitions and lectures. The events are free and open to everyone.

In conclusion, Starfield Library is not only a book paradise to bibliophiles, but it is also a must-visit to all the people touring South Korea. The Library is also receiving generous donations and is continuously expanding.

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