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Starfield Library Coex

Starfield Library in Coex Mall

The Starfield Library Coex is a must for everyone who is enthusiastic about reading. It’s actually a crazy experience to visit a library that is inside a mall – and a very huge mall! This mall even has an Aquarium and a movie theater. The Starfield library in Coex mall is very close to the entrance, so you won’t need to wander around that much – because believe me, you can get lost in there. The library is a space of cultural sensibility that communicates on the theme of rest, encounters, and books and is open to everyone for free access.

How to Get There

Located at the Starfield Coex Mall, the Starfield library is opened from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. To get there all you need to do is drop off at Samseong Station on the green line, and then head to the Coex Atrium, where you can find Starfield Coex Mall.

Coex Mall

Since before I came to Korea I had great expectations about this place since I love books very much. I must say that it totally met my expectations! Once you get there and your eyes meet the super tall shelves (13 meters!) full of books from all kinds of different subjects it’s just impossible to look away. It’s incredible how the shelves seem to kinda wrap the space into one single thing, which gives off very calming vibes.

About the Library

The library consists of a total of 2,800m² and has two floors, but the second floor is divided into two parts – which means you have to ride different escalators to reach each part. The second floor has a really nice study area. Due to the large number of visitors the library has, it’s not a very quiet spot, but the atmosphere with low lights is super cozy and gives heartwarming feelings. Also, since it’s kinda distant from the main entrance, it has fewer visitors than the first floor.

Starfield Library

On the First Floor

The first floor also has some study desks, but it’s less private than the second floor. I recommend using the first floor only for reading and chilling instead of actually studying. Since it’s a library you can grab a book and enjoy your time while enjoying a good reading! The library has 70,000 books. On the first floor literature and humanities, hobbies and thousands of e-books that you can check on the library iPads. They also have a magazine collection with over 400 magazines! Believe me when I say that, if you like reading, you won’t be bored! And if you can’t speak Korean, don’t worry because they have a lot of books in English as well.

Starfield Library
Starfield Library

At last but not least, the library is always promoting art projects right in the middle of it. The art projects vary according to the time of the year and or special events that are happening in Korea. For example, during Christmas time, you will be able to see a lot of Christmas lights and decorations, as well as a Christmas tree. You can check what are project is being held at the library on Starfield Coex Mall official website.

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