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Starfield Coex Library – A Heavenly Place for Book Lovers

South Korea is a great interest and attracts tourists from all over the world. The reason is no other than the fact how it’s almost all country-hill like an area with a lot of greenery and cherry trees. Not only this but the Buddhist temples in South Korea are centuries old and are a magnet for people to see their glory around the globe. Today, I would like to introduce the Starfield library in Gangnam, Seoul.

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Seoul has always captured the hearts of not only its citizens but visitors, too. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you come for visit, you will always find something unique to do. For example, there is a fireworks festival in Autumn, Water Gun Festival in Summer, Lantern Festival in Spring and so on. But one of the Seoul’s major tourist attractions is a library that is being called as a ‘heavenly place for book lovers’ and today we will be going to talk about that library.

Starfield Coex Library; location of its presence

One of the biggest and the most attractive things in Seoul is the Starfield Coex Library. It’s situated in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The library itself is present in Coex Mall. Starfield Coex Mall is not like any other malls you’ve ever seen! It’s got big convention centers, exhibition halls and whatnot!

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However, the most fascinating thing about this is, it’s all underground! You read that right, even the Starfield Coex Library is underground.

So what does this library contain?!

Just like any other big library, Starfield Coex Library contains books from all over the world. You can immerse in the history of the world with at least over 10,000 books on history in there. Or you can read books on humanities, cultures, religions, economics, sociology, hobbies etc. There’s not even a single topic of a book which is not available there. And that’s what makes it different from the rest of the libraries, along with the fact that it’s underground.

Not just this but Starfield Coex Library also contains newspapers, maps, ( of its own mall and city as well as South Korea, overall) and the whole world, any place and any location. But this library also comprises various periodicals, manuscripts, written films and documents, databases and other formats or whatever it is you’re looking for, is almost all there.

Another great thing about Starfield Coex Library is the presence of books in not just one language, Korean but also in various other foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese.

iPads and tablets are also present in this library for e-reading. Magazines of all kinds, all in different languages are often looked at the most, too. There are so many sections for books of renowned authors and famous, foreign hit books that have made a name in the world, no matter what culture and country they’re from. This is what makes the Starfield Coex Library so unique and different from the rest of the libraries in the world.

Other specialties, what can you do at Starfield Coex Library

  • You can meet famous authors here. Different meetings of authors from all over the world take place here.
  • Book events such as publishing, printing in a smaller area, is also done here.

Ticket price, timing etc

Starfield Coex Library is located in the center of the Starfield Coex Mall, underground. The best thing about this library is, the entrance is free. Which means, you only have to pay for the entrance at the mall, whereas this Starfield Coex Library is open to all, all the time. Not just citizens but visitors and tourists can sit from as long as 10:30 a.m to 10:30 p.m. 

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Although because of COVID-19, the hours might differ. It’s open to everyone, you can walk in, look around, get yourself a book and just indulge in reading or you can even just walk around and observe other tourists, locals as well as all the books that are there.

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