Sparkling Wine Bar in Busan: Soda Bar Renge

Away from the main street in Haeundae, is an amazing wine bar in Busan. Here, you can momentarily escape from reality with their specialty sparkling wines. Soda bar Renge also prepares experimental modern cuisine that matches perfectly with your drink of choice.

Soda Bar Renge Menu

Their appetizers and main dishes are all over 10,000 won. Which, is a bit on the pricy side, but they are worth the flavor and ingredients. All of it is prepared at the moment you order and depending on what you choose, it can be made in front of you. 

Truffle Ravioli

When I went there with my friends, we ordered the Truffle Ravioli (트러플 라비올리) as an appetizer. We were lucky to get some because it was the last serving of the day. The price of it was 14,000 Won and it was definitely worth it! The filling had a full fried egg inside and you could taste the truffle oil on it. 

Fish Truffle Beef Rice

The next dish we had was a seasonal fish truffle beef rice (제철생선 트러플 소고기 덮밥) “bowl” but in the shape of sushi. For me, the best part of this was watching the cook use a torch to cook the food. Just as good as the previous dish, but I had to remove the wasabi to properly enjoy it. It was 18,000 won.

Tonkatsu Sandwich

Since we were three hungry people and we were sharing all the dishes, we kept eating and trying new dishes from there. Next, we had a tonkatsu sandwich (가츠산도). It was cut into 6 perfect finger-sized cubes.

What surprised me about this dish was not the visuals. Instead, it was the special ingredient they added. Some kind of fruity jam/sauce that enriched the flavor and matched perfectly with the tonkatsu sauce. It was 14,000won.


Last but not least, for the final dish we had a bowl of ramen (스프커리 육개장). This was served in its original container (the ones you get at the convenience store). Yet, it had a twist. They added curry to the broth and some pieces of meat. They cook the meat to the perfect point where it is soft and juicy. This is part of the snack section and is sold for 6,000 Won. 

They offer much more than what we had. There is a wide variety of dishes and even a special menu for the day! 

Soda Bar Renge Drinks

As for drinks, Soda Bar Renge specializes in Sparkling Wine, Champagne, and Cider. The cheapest bottle costs 37,000 Won and the most expensive is 120,000 Won. However, in the case of the Cider, only during lunchtime you are able to order a 375ml bottle for 15,000 Won.

But, if you are like us and you prefer something that does not kill your wallet, they offer cognac shots for 6,000 Won or Highballs for 9,000 Won. In my case, I ordered a Chambord Highball and I loved it! It tasted like vanilla and berries. I totally recommend one if you want something sweet.

Soda Bar Renge Interior

It is a small place and instead of tables, they have a long bar where everyone sits next to each other and faces the cooks. I would say that it is a good place to go either on your own or with 1 or 2 friends. 

The whole atmosphere is calm. With the blue lights plus the decor, I actually felt like I was eating under the sea! It does make you feel like you are disconnecting from the world.

Soda Bar Renge (소다바렝게)

Address: 17, Udong 2-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 
Korean address: 부산광역시 해운대구 우동2로 17
Operating Hours: 12:00 AM -24:00 (Breaktime 15:00 - 24:00)
Closed: Tue & Wed

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